Zero Motorcycle upgrades can now be unlocked like a video game


Zero Motorcycles, the world’s leading manufacturer of electric motorcycles, made some important announcements yesterday, including a revolutionary new battery and accessible new bike. And yet our biggest takeaway after attending the Manhattan presentation was the fact that, thanks to its new Cypher store, you can essentially upgrade your bike with just the push of a button.

Here’s a quick recap of the highlights. Do not hesitate to decide for yourself which is the most convincing.

The battery has improved

Zero motorcycles

The brand has managed to pack 20% more energy in its larger Z-Force lithium-ion batteries. The two standard capacities are 14.4+ kWh and 15.6+ kWh, both of which are “expandable” to 17.3 kWh (more on that later). The 14.4+ kWh will be delivered with the 2022 SR / S and SR / F standards as well as the all new 2022 SR (more information on this later too). The 15.6+ kWh will feature in the premium editions of the SR / S and SR / F. With the optional Power Tank, you’ll have around 21 kWh of juice on board.

How does all this translate? A top range of 227 miles / 365 km in the city and 113 miles / 182 km at 70 mph. It’s a healthy jump from existing Zero bikes, which surpass 201 miles of city range.

The store is a paradigm shift


Zero motorcycles


Zero motorcycles

We wanted to save this news for last, but it makes more sense to discuss in that order. Basically Zero has a new Cypher Store (accessible online and through the app) that completely redesigns how you can upgrade your bike. Not only can you boost your battery, as mentioned above, but you can also unlock a host of features made possible by the Cypher III + operating system. As the title of this store suggests, the process is quite similar to a video game where you can unlock new abilities and weapons for your character as you progress. (It’s been a long time since we have played a video game, but you get the idea.)

Here’s a first list of tweaks that will be rolled out by spring 2022: faster charging, longer range, increased speed and performance, park mode, heated grips and dashboard navigation. We hear that in park mode you’ll be able to move your bike more gently to any location – with, yes, reverse gear. Zero says all of these upgrades are optional for the 2022 SR / S, SR / F, and SR, with more features and compatibility to come. Talk about a paradigm shift.

At least, that’s what Zero CEO Sam Paschel calls him, and it’s pretty hard to argue with him. What this development sets up is a situation where a lot of digital upgrades to your bike are just built in – you just need to spend the money to hook them up (or in some cases, subscribe to them). It’s a pretty dramatic overhaul of the way such things work – and a fascinating business movement, too. We’ll be interested to see how customers react – and how long it takes before a hotshot tries to hack it.

The newest bike, the 2022 SR, is an affordable throwback


Zero motorcycles

Finally, in a nod to the past and the future, Zero brings back the original street bike, the SR, but with improvements all over the place. The idea is to deliver a premium feel in a more user-friendly package – backed by the ZF 75-10 engine, roaring to spin up to 122 ft-lbs of torque, 74 hp and a top speed of 104. mph. Building on the one we talked about in the last section, you will have the option, through the store, to increase performance and speed, as well as the battery, as well as the Power Tank bringing it to the aforementioned 21 kWh. You can also recharge it using the public EV charging network. At a base price of $ 17,995, the new SR is $ 2,000 cheaper than the SR / S and $ 3,500 cheaper than the SR / F.


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