Woman wearing helmet narrowly misses death after collision with truck

Among the many traffic rules that are constantly neglected by many vehicle owners in the country is the wearing of helmets for two-wheeler drivers. Despite regular instructions not to ride a two-wheeler without a helmet, many people ignore the caution and continue to risk their lives by traveling without wearing one. A recent video has once again proven that helmets are a lifesaver and how wearing a helmet can protect you from an accident that could otherwise prove fatal.

When a vehicle collided with a woman riding a scooter in Manipal, she narrowly avoided death as her head was protected by a helmet. According to CCTV footage of the near-fatal incident, the woman was crossing the street on a scooter in the Perampalli neighborhood when a lorry carrying milk rushed at her at full speed, throwing her off her scooter and knocking her off. sending into a trance. The truck did not stop and accelerated after the collision.

In CCTV footage, the woman can be seen standing on the side of the road, waiting for cars to leave. She is unable to notice the vehicle approaching from her right when a bus stops in front of her. She gets hit by a truck while trying to cross the road with her scooter. The impact of the accident is such that she is thrown through the air, hits the road and flips over several times.

Although the woman had bruises on her body, her head was protected everywhere thanks to the helmet she was wearing. Immediately afterwards, a crowd gathered around the injured woman, offering her help and a chair. Fortunately, the woman was only slightly injured. The crash happened around 8:30 a.m. on March 3.

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Section 129 of the Motor Vehicles Act 1988 requires drivers of two-wheelers to wear a safety helmet. A helmet must also be 20-25mm thick and made of high-quality foam, as per the rule. It must also be ISI certified and adhere to the Bureau of Indian Standards. According to a 2017 United Nations study on motorcycle helmets, they can prevent around 15,000 two-wheeler deaths every year in India.

Thus, four out of ten motorcyclists can be spared accidents if they only wear a helmet. The study also indicates that wearing a helmet increases the likelihood of surviving an accident by 42% and reduces the risk of injury by 69%.

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