Witness recalls encounter with motorcyclists on Jacksonville roads

JACKSONVILLE, Florida. – Several people have complained about large groups of bikers in Jacksonville, who in recent weeks have performed dangerous stunts in traffic.

Since our first article was published on Monday, more and more people have come forward to report dangerous encounters. Many said they felt uncomfortable sharing the same route with the riders who seemed too aggressive and intimidating.

“There were probably over 100 freewheeling motorcycles,” one woman told News4JAX.

“Terrorizing anyone who got in their way,” another man described.

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Now we learn of another encounter. Like others who have had encounters, we do not identify the woman for fear of reprisal. She said she was traveling on Mayport Road near A1A on Saturday when she encountered the bikers performing dangerous stunts in traffic.

“The cars were dodging them, trying not to get hit. Then we had the one finger salute at Mayport (Road) and A1A, but at Beach (Boulevard) it was even worse. There were hundreds of them,” the woman said.

When asked if she felt intimidated, she replied, “Extremely. It’s like you don’t matter to them.

Another witness who we are not identifying for security reasons said he was heading east on the Mathews Bridge when he saw a sea of ​​bikers heading west. Then he said he saw some of them crashing.

“Two or three of them passed each other,” the man said. “They were all doing tricks. I think they have lost control.

On Sunday, there was a fatal motorcycle accident on the I-295 ramp to westbound J. Turner Butler Boulevard. While the Florida Highway Patrol was unable to confirm whether the deceased 29-year-old motorcyclist was affiliated with the large group of motorcyclists the drivers complained about, FHP confirmed he was with a group of motorcyclists at the time. of the accident and that he was carrying a GoPro camera.

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While investigators say speed was a factor in the crash, they plan to review GoPro footage to see if any stunts were performed before the crash.

FHP also says the group of motorcyclists who were with the man when this accident happened are all cooperating with the investigation.

News4JAX has contacted the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office and is waiting to see if anyone will comment on the matter.

Rolling Thunder member says dangerous bikers give responsible cyclists a bad name

Rolling Thunder is an organization made up of retired military personnel. They provide escorts at military funerals and they also provide escorts for deceased officers.

Kevin Emerson is a US Army veteran who is also a motorcycle enthusiast and member of the Rolling Thunder board of directors.

“Right now we’re at about 9,000 members. There are 90 organizations across the country,” Emerson said.

These are organizations that have a positive image of providing motorcycle escorts at military and police funerals. But Emerson says that image is now in jeopardy based on recent videos of other bikers that have surfaced.

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“There are so many good bands doing so much for the community,” Emerson said. “At Christmas, we all do the Toys for Tots race. And much of the general public can’t tell the difference between good bikers and those who do this madness. It gives us all a bad name. It really is.

“I can understand where some people are scared,” he continued. “These big groups come by and do what they want and intimidate people. It’s bad for everyone around.

That’s why Emerson begs the general public not to lump all bikers into one category of irresponsible people.

“Not all bikers do that,” Emerson said.

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