WFPD speaks out on rise in fatal motorcycle crashes

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KAUZ) – Fatal motorcycle wrecks in Wichita Falls are the highest ever reported in the city.

There have been seven so far this year, and we still have three and a half months left in 2022. To put the seven into perspective, police say there is only one this year. last.

Seven marks the most WFPD PIO Sgt. Charlie Eipper says he’s seen in his 30s here. He’s not sure why there’s been a drastic increase this year, but he has a few ideas that mostly relate to safety.

Of those seven deaths, only two people were wearing helmets, only two of the crashes involved another vehicle, and three of the seven drivers were in their 20s.

“What seems to be at the root of many of these crashes is overdriving/speeding, losing control and either hitting a vehicle or hitting a tree or other structure that cost them their lives,” said Eipper.

Eipper said there was no pattern on where the crashes happened. They go from Old Iowa Park Road to Midwestern Parkway and even Henry S. Grace Freeway.

Eipper said motorcycle riders need to drive more carefully and undergo proper training before hitting the road. It also reminds all drivers to be more alert to motorcyclists on the road.

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