‘We need fewer cars and more incentives’ Readers share their thoughts on whether cyclists should have insurance

If you’re a local or have visited the city several times, we’re sure you’ve come across a cyclist or two. Cambridge was crowned the UK’s cycling city hotspot last year – no surprise when many commuters choose to cycle to work instead of driving.

The Highway Code was updated in January with the aim of improving safety for cyclists and pedestrians and making drivers of large vehicles more responsible. It comes after data from the Department for Transport revealed that cycle traffic increased by 96% between 2004 and 2020.

As a city heavily used by cyclists, we asked our readers if they thought cyclists should be required to have insurance to ride on the roads. We’ve had a variety of responses from our readers on the subject.

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A large proportion of our readers agreed that cyclists should be required to carry insurance. User Britishbrian said: “Yes they should. My car was badly scratched a few years ago when a cyclist crossed in front of me without first looking over his shoulder or signaling with his arm.

He added: “I was shocked but the police weren’t interested when I went to Parkside to report an accident. Insurance and number plates on bikes like motorbikes.”

Liveincrete said: “Cyclists should be required to carry insurance, especially as there are now many e-bikes which are faster and more dangerous and we also need to crack down on illegal e-scooters using trails. ” And Kev1941 added: “Yes, cyclists should have insurance and an identification badge attached to the bike that can be easily scanned by roadside cameras and cell phones.”

Annie 1 also added: “I think cyclists should have insurance but I don’t think they should pay for cycle lane maintenance as some suggest here. As for disabled cyclists, bikes can cost a lot more expensive than they would for non-disabled cyclists.”

However, some readers believe that cyclists should not be required to have insurance to ride on the road. User amykate said: “No, definitely not. We need fewer cars, less pollution and more incentives to get people on their bikes, not punitive measures to discourage them.”

Some of our readers have also shared alternatives to keep cyclists safe on the road. Allforme said: “Cyclists should only be allowed on the road if they have front and rear lights, wear a helmet and have liability insurance.”

CambridgeMover said: “I wish cyclists had annual road safety checks on how to cycle on busy roads and county roads, but no they shouldn’t be paying road tax as if there were more bike lanes to ride, so they should use them.” And Tyrone Cole added, “Cyclists don’t do anything like the amount of damage cars do to roads, let alone emissions.”

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