Watch the Rivian R1T electric truck take on the Trans-American Trail



If driving two Rivian R1T electric pickup trucks from Patagonia to Los Angeles wasn’t enough – 13,000 miles in very rough conditions, by the way – Rivian has basically started all over in the United States.

As you may have heard, the electric truck maker headed for the Trans-America Trail, a route many people may not know existed. Sure, MotorTrend was in the game, as the publication was able to gain privileged and exclusive access to Rivian’s vehicles.

In essence, according to MotorTrend, the Trans-American Trail is “a route of interconnected and unpaved roads stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. MT says the route is already difficult to cover in traditional gasoline-powered vehicles, which typically have much more range than today’s EVs, not to mention the ability to refuel quickly with virtually no gas. no matter where.

How hard is it to tackle such a feat in a fully electric van? Well, we already knew that the R1T was able to pull it off since we paid very close attention to the Long way to the top. If you don’t know the series, Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman each drove a prototype Harley-Davidson LiveWire electric motorcycle from South America to California using the Rivian R1T prototypes as support vehicles.

In a somewhat similar adventure, Rivian and MotorTrend crossed the United States on the 5,000-mile Trans-America Trail, which begins in Nags Head, North Carolina, and ends in Port Orford, Oregon. The post says no other electric vehicle has ever made the trip, or at least if it does, it hasn’t been made public.

The trip lasted 43 days and was divided into five stages. The whole trip was recorded as part of a series. MotorTrend will release a new episode every week. The video above is specific to the 1,704 mile trip from Nags Head to Dalton, Georgia.


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