Valentino Rossi will race cars in the 2022 GT World Championship!

Valentino Rossi with his new motor racing team. Photo: WRT

The Doctor will be back in business next summer, but not on a motorcycle. Valentino Rossi, the most successful MotoGP rider of our generation, is heading to the 2022 GT World Championship, where he will ride for the WRT team.

That’s no surprise – for years Rossi played on the edges of motor racing, and there were strong indications that he would switch to four wheels after his MotoGP career ended (which he did). done, in 2021). He has raced events like the 12 Hours of the Gulf and one-off GT World Championship events (in the Pro-Am class) in the past, and last month he tested with the WRT team in Valencia.

It looks like his results have been good enough for Rossi to get a job with the team, and he’s set to drive an Audi R8 LMS next summer. He will participate in the Endurance and Sprint series.

“I’m delighted to join the WRT team,” Rossi said after signing. “Everyone knows that I have always been a big fan of motor racing and that I was always interested in racing on four wheels once my MotoGP career was over. Now I am fully available to dedicate myself to a high-level car racing program and with the right professional approach.The WRT team is exactly what I was looking for and I can’t wait to start this new adventure in the GTWCE with them.

What should we expect from Rossi next season? Energy, fun, and more fun—#46 is always ready to smile and laugh. And, we can probably expect hordes of its yellow-clad fans to suddenly add GT racing to their schedule of must-see motorsport events next season. Seriously, it’s probably very good news for the motoring series – having one of the most famous faces in motorsport will only raise the profile of the series.

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