Uber delivers motorcycles to 22 other cities in Brazil – the clare people


This Tuesday (5), Uber announced that the Uber Flash Moto is arriving for more cities in Brazil. The modality is a complement to the traditional Uber Flash and is intended for the delivery of small items that can (or should) be made with the agility of a motorcycle.

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Among the cities covered by the service are São Paulo, São Bernardo do Campo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Goiânia, Cuiabá and Teresina. Since its launch in March this year, the service was already present in 22 locations across the country.

The rules of the service remain the same: it is forbidden to send items of value or whose transport is illegal or contrary to the rules of the modality. Users check restrictions directly in the app before each request, and then check again if everything is in order for delivery.

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Delivery by Uber Flash Moto is intended for small items capable of withstanding motorcycle travel (Image: Reproduction / Pexels)

Cheaper than the common option

Delivery by Uber Flash Moto tends to be 22% cheaper than the traditional Uber Flash, made by cars. The modality turns out to be an interesting alternative for transporting objects from one place to another, especially if they are not too big to justify the use of a common delivery.

Motorcycle transport will be available in the Uber Flash section, in the same mobile application. Instead of requesting travel, the user must go to the “Delivery” section and choose to send or receive an item. After that, just follow the recipient or sender identification procedures to proceed with the request.

To get access to the news it is important to have the correctly updated app on your cell phone – check on Play Store and App Store. If the delivery option still doesn’t appear to you, the service is not available in your region at the moment, so you can wait.

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