Two people killed when a truck hits a motorcycle in Narhe | Pune News

Pune: Two private security guards, including a 29-year-old woman, were killed after a container truck rammed their motorbike from behind and they fell.
While the container knocked down the man, a mini-truck following it knocked down the woman. The tragedy happened at Narhe on the Pune-Bengaluru highway at around 1.45pm on Thursday. The vehicles were then heading towards the Shindewadi tunnel.
Police identified the victims as Sadashiv Raichurkar (50) from Balewadi and Priyanka Sukhdev from Tathawade. Around the same time, a truck coming from the opposite direction also crashed into a bulkhead near the crash site. “As the truck was in the opposite lane, no one was injured,” said Assistant Inspector of Police (API) Prashant Kanase of Sinhagad Road Police.
Abhijit Gaikwad, a route operations officer under the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI), told TOI that the motorbike was traveling in the first lane of the corridor towards Shindewadi tunnel. There is an upward slope towards the road. “A container truck hit the motorcycle. Because of this, the pilot and the passenger both fell. They both fell under the wheels of two separate heavy vehicles which were following the two-wheeler,” Gaikwad said, adding that they were both killed instantly.
As soon as they witnessed the crash, residents around the highway ran in place across the corridor towards Pune. “As this road descends, the speed of vehicles coming from the Shindewadi tunnel is naturally high. About 10 minutes after the accident, a loaded truck coming towards Pune crashed into the divider near the spot,” Gaikwad said.
The NHAI official said a major tragedy was averted and no one was injured in the second crash.
“The truck driver claimed that when he noticed people crossing the road, he deliberately crashed into the bulkhead to avoid any untoward incident,” Gaikwad said.
API Kanase said police arrested the driver of the mini-truck. “We are also questioning the driver of the truck, whose vehicle hit the partition. The truck was on its way to Vapi in Gujarat,” he said.
The police are looking for where Raichurkar and Sukhdev were going. “A prima facie investigation revealed that they both worked at different security agencies,” Kanase said.

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