Truck hits motorbike at Nam Pin Wai roundabout, Sai Kung; biker seriously injured and hospitalized – HONG KONG BUZZ

The scene of the accident at the junction of Nam Pin Wai road at Ho Chung roundabout

A truck hit a motorbike and overturned on the Hiram highway this morning. The motorcyclist was seriously injured and sent to hospital for emergency treatment.

The accident happened at 8:29 this morning (10/2). A 16-ton truck was traveling on Hiram’s Highway towards Sai Kung when it lost control as it approached Nam Pin Wai roundabout, Ho Chung. He collided with a motorcycle and overturned. The driver of the truck was stuck for a moment and then got out on his own. The motorcyclist was thrown to the ground and injured, his helmet flew off and he lost consciousness. Drivers of other passing vehicles immediately called the police. After police and ambulance arrived on the scene, they immediately treated and bandaged the motorcyclist and then sent him to Queen Elizabeth Hospital for treatment. The police are investigating the cause of the accident.

After the truck overturned, a large amount of fuel leaked out and the road was slippery. The police called FEHD to come and clean up the oil, and a tow truck arrived on the scene to straighten the overturned vehicle.

Traffic was affected by the accident for about an hour with the vehicle backing up towards Sai Kung, Nam Pin Wai and Wo Mei.

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