This old bike gets a Honda K24 with a huge turbo

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Many enthusiasts and even some of our readers consider motorcycles to be death traps never to be touched. Indeed, things can go very wrong after a simple mistake. So it makes me laugh to find types of motorcycle constructions that even true die-hard bikers might not want to ride. Here’s another one, and this one looks like it’ll kill you if you look at it the wrong way. Someone is pushing a Honda K24 with a huge snail in a CBR1000F chassis. The goal? 1,000 horsepower.

While you often see motorcycle engines crammed into tiny cars, doing it the other way around seems to be rarer. But sometimes only a car engine will give you what you are looking for. Australian Honda fan Ben Robertson takes the idea of ​​a car-powered motorcycle to its natural extreme.

Robertson leads the SNAIL TV The YouTube channel and its ideas are quite widespread. Scroll down and you’ll see everything from a K24 sister boat to a K24 turned computer. His latest construction is attracting attention on social media, including facebook.

It starts with a Honda CBR1000F Hurricane. These were powerful when new over two decades ago, getting 135hp from a 998cc inline-four. But Robertson wants more power, many more power. He wants this bike to deliver 1,000 horsepower to the rear wheel.

To achieve such a feat, he started by gutting the donor bike and then stretching its frame using box-section steel sections. That done, Robertson equipped with the 2.4 liter K24 of an international market Honda Odyssey.

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The engine itself is already a healthy upgrade with 187 HP to 201 HP depending on the year of the pickup. But he didn’t stop there and chose a Garrett GT47 turbocharger. These are advertised as being capable of producing the power he seeks.

Amusingly, there is so little space for it that Robertson plumbed it down so it was right next to the bike.

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Robertson’s goal sounds incredible for a motorcycle, but Top Fuel drag bikes make even more power that. A K24 with a massive turbo is definitely a different way of trying to achieve this. He originally wanted to ride a street bike and drag this thing, but the aspect of street riding fades quickly.

Robertson says he goes all the way, adding the big fat tire you find on a dragster and the thing will also be shaft driven. Of course, it’s unclear how much power this bike will be able to put out until it’s actually running. And in its current form, it looks like a high side would launch you into orbit faster than NASA can.

Even if it doesn’t hit that magic 1000 HP, I’m just glad people build machines like this. Hopefully we won’t hear how fast he is from a video detailing how he crashed it into warp speed.

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