This Hero Splendor imagined as an electric motorcycle with 240 km of autonomy | Mobility news

Compared to four-wheelers, the transition to electric vehicles in the Indian automotive industry is relatively rapid in the two-wheeler space. Even though the number of electric vehicles (EVs) is increasing every day, most mobility solutions today are still powered by fossil fuels.

Vinay Raj Somashekar has shared a render of the Hero Splendor electric motorcycle online. Hero Splendor is one of the most popular bikes in the Indian market and is manufactured by Hero MotoCrop.

On his LinkedIn post, Vinay wrote: “The Hero Splendor is the most quintessential motorcycle in the country, period. Its appearance is iconic and ageless. There is almost nothing random about its design. Every element seems meaningful and useful, and the proportions are spot on.”

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Except for a few key and obvious variations, Vinay has kept most parts of the gas-powered Splendor in the digital renders. A closed, blacked-out battery pack replaced the engine and gearbox assembly. Blue accents also adorn the headlight housing, center panels and rear fender, creating a striking appearance.

The render of the Hero Splendor electric motorcycle here features an electric motor paired with a 9kW battery that uses a quiet belt drive to power the rear wheels of the motorcycle. The 2 kWh battery is also removable, indicating that this is most likely a portable device. The charging port of this bike is placed on the fuel tank cover.

When using a 6 kWh battery, this figure increases to 180 km, while a 4 kWh battery provides 120 km on a single charge.




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