This $2,000 electric cargo trike is the world’s smallest taco truck

One of the coolest things about the funky electric vehicles scattered across China’s biggest online shopping platform is their small size. They often look like they were inspired by full-size vehicles, but then shrunk in the wash. Although this week’s entry in the Awesomely Weird Alibaba Electric Vehicle of the Week column seems to have partially faded in the wash too.

It’s a win for us, because it now becomes the world’s smallest taco truck!

The smallest taco truck

Um, maybe it’s more of a taco trike?

Whatever you call it, this three-wheeled electric cargo vehicle is perfectly sized to become the cutest little taco truck ever.

Why stand in line in front of a conventional taco truck, inhaling the potpourri of chili powder and diesel fumes while waiting for your lunch? You’ve already made a bad decision that you will pay for in a few hours, why take two?

Instead, just order from my totally real and not at all fictional new business I just dreamed up, Regrettable Tacos, and have your meal delivered straight to you!

I’ll be slicing through city traffic in no time with my cramped little taco truck.

It’s not powerful, but it sure has heart! The tiny motor only has 800 watts, but each one is dedicated to delivering the Mexican spread you ordered in minimal time.

Even though I’ll be limited to just 28 mph (45 km/h) top speed, I’ll keep the pedal pressed throughout the ride. Or rather, I’ll keep a full wrist twist, because this thing has motorcycle handlebars and throttle control instead of the typical steering wheel and pedals.

And it even has enough battery life to last all day thanks to a 4,176 Wh battery. It’s a lead acid battery bank, which isn’t really top of the line. But I could always replace that with cheap lithium iron phosphate batteries once I get them in the US.

The seller says the battery is enough for 100 km of range, or 62 miles in freedom figures for Americans. I don’t think I would need to go any further than that per day, that’s a lot of tacos. But just in case, I could always install a solar panel on the truck to run a few extra taco runs each day.

This delivery box has enough space for at least seven tacos.

The truck is incredibly affordable at just $2,000 (and I seem to remember another popular $2,000 Chinese truck recently). But despite the cheap price, it’s not a cheap truck.

This little runabout is so well made that it comes with important features and high quality accents.

It has aluminum rims, a front disc brake, side windows that are somehow almost bigger than the windshield, a giant storage box in the back, a tiny storage box in the front and something called “rain rubber”.

I don’t know what rain rubber is, but I’m all for it if it keeps your tacos dry. Look, they’ll get wet eventually, but at least they can be dry coming in.

A face only a mother could love

And listen, I know what you’re thinking. “Sure, Micah, you have a nice taco truck there. You are also a handsome gentleman and the fact that you have yet to win a Pulitzer Prize is not a reflection on you, rather it is an embarrassment to the selection process at Columbia University. But what happens when you have to drive this taco truck up a modest hill? »

I completely understand your feelings and I am here with you. But the seller also seemed to agree with us on all counts, as he provided a nice little video of our future taco truck evolving what can only be described as a standard dispensing ramp.

And he seems to handle it well!

alibaba taco truck
Without knowing how many tacos are on board, we may have to do this test again.

So hang on, boys and girls! If I get enough tamale orders, I might need a fleet of these little things all over town.

Now, who wants to be one of my drivers? !

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