Thieves target high-end cars at Atlantic Station

Several high-end cars have been broken into at Atlantic Station over the past week. In addition to the costly damage left behind, one victim reported a stolen firearm.

Atlanta police have often said car owners shouldn’t leave valuables in their cars and should lock firearms in locked boxes if drivers feel they need to take the firearms with them. them.

Some people who have just moved to the area learn that flashy cars are often targeted no matter what.

“There’s blood on the window. So when they tried to break in, they cut themselves,” Kevin Dukes said.

Whoever broke into his Mercedes S-Class is cut out and now armed.

“They stole a Glock 357, so a gun, and camera gear,” he said.

“And now we know there’s another gun on the street,” neighbor Drue Powell said.

They are both new to Atlanta. They said it was a hassle to deal with insurance companies and body shops over the weekend.

Atlanta police said thieves broke into cars near the Atlantic station four times in five days from Feb. 15-20.

There are still remnants of broken glass in the parking lot, which is separated by screen doors and a crossing arm.

Neighbors said they were not only frustrated by the intrusions, but also worried that their safety could be compromised.

“I just thought I’m in the residential area, it should be safe.”

Photos from neighbors show a Japanese super car, a Mercedes, a Hellcat and a motorcycle all falling victim to the destruction.

“They didn’t even get anything from me, just vandalism. Then they ran over a motorcycle, there’s nothing to steal from a motorcycle,” Powell said.

The neighbors said they wanted more property management.

“The same thing happened the night before at another nesting area. No warning, nothing,” Dukes said.

FOX 5 reached out to property managers to ask if anything had been done to prevent this from happening again. They did not immediately respond.



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