The funeral of WAC Motorcycle Club member Bob Fisher led by a cavalcade

Motorcyclists will take to the streets to pay tribute to a much loved member of the community.

Longtime WAC Motorcycle Club member Bob Fisher has died aged 73.

His wife and manager of the club’s Facebook page, Dawn Thomas, paid tribute to him, having been with him for more than 25 years.

She said: “He will be greatly missed.

“He was a strong character, very direct, always someone you could count on to help if necessary.

“A good member of the committee who always gave his honest opinion.

“A fabulous but not indulgent father and grandfather.

“He was my rock and allowed me to grow and flourish as a person.”

Dawn and Bob met 26 years ago when he worked at CJ Motorcycles in Droitwich, and she was the manager of Stars and Stripes Pizza, a cafe where Bob was a regular customer.

His interest in motorcycles started at a young age when he used to go to the local grass track and trials with his grandfather.

Bob passed his test as soon as he could and began organizing motorcycle road races internationally.

About 20 years ago, Bob and Dawn gave up marshalling to get involved in the WAC.

Outside of motorcycles, Bob first worked as a fuel oil salesman before becoming a traffic policeman, a role he held for many years.

When he retired, he worked part-time for a company that provided supplies for nursing homes.

Even as he got older, he continued to help people with their motorcycles and kept his and Dawn’s three bikes and two cars in boat form.

Reflecting on their time together, Dawn added: “We had some lovely days with our dog Freddie, his best friend, as well as walks in Wales or the Old Hills.

“My most treasured memory was probably our times on the bike, our holidays in Scotland or Northern Ireland, or even just a summer evening for an ice cream.

“He would almost always pull my bike out of the garage and start it for me and come out onto the road to see me off if he didn’t join.”

Bob’s funeral will be at 1:45 p.m. next Tuesday, November 15, at Worcester Crematorium.

To pay their respects, WAC organized a motorbike escort from Checketts Lane, starting around 1pm.

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