The best Saints Row vehicles and cars to drive and escape

Despite the addition of a wingsuit to Saints Row, vehicles are still the best way to get around Santo Ileso. That being the case, you will want to know what some of the the best vehicles are in Saints Rowthat you can grab easily.

To keep things focused on getting around or escaping from the cops or any of the gangs in the game, this guide will focus primarily on cars and motorcycles. So you won’t get any tanks, jets or helicopters here, or even a flying bike. These The best vehicles in Saints Row This will mostly be about evading enemies or occasionally being able to cause damage while driving around Santo Ileso.

But if you want one of those damage-focused vehicles, you can read our other guides on where to find a hoverbike, helicopter, tank, and jet in the game.

The best vehicles and cars in Saints Row

Here are our suggestions for best vehicles and cars in saints row:


The Attrazione is one of the best cars you can grab during the early hours of the game and off-road in some of the game’s richest neighborhoods.

It is a super fast vehicle and can drift and turn easily. Nitrous as its signature ability is also a major boost for the sports car.

Saints Row Best Vehicles Cars: The Ethel can be seen in the menu


Ethel is our first vehicle and car in the colors of the “Saints”. Unlocked as you build your empire, it may not have the best off-road and handling capabilities, but it lets you drive in style.

Its signature crab steering performance and ability also make some of these handling issues less prevalent.

Saints Row Best Vehicles Cars: Gargantua can be seen in the menu


Monster trucks? Monster Trucks! Yes, the Gargantua is unlocked or can be found in hideouts in Los Panteros and it is undoubtedly one of the most powerful vehicles in the game.

Able to smash and crush any enemy, the Gargantua is a go-to vehicle and its signature ability lets you jump over traffic and avoid being crushed if you just want to get in one point A to point B. If you want it in your garage, just pick it up and drive it to your garage.

Saints Row Best Vehicles Cars: Kenshin can be seen in the menu


Motorcycles are hard to find in Santo Ileso.

It has great handling and speed, and the performance is solid for a bike. He is agile and elegant. And, his signature ability will refill your nitrous after a full boost.

Saints Row Best Vehicles Cars: The Phoenix can be seen in the menu


The Phoenix is ​​unlocked towards the end of the main campaign, but it’s definitely a vehicle you want to rely on. His signature ability focuses on chase and destruction with a cannonball and chain attached to the back of your vehicle.

The car also has great maneuverability and speed, making it a great all-around choice to have on your phone for delivery.

Saints Row Best Vehicles Cars: The Raycaster is visible in the menu


Another great car you can find in the world is the Raycaster. It has good stats overall, provided you want to stay on the road and it handles well.

The signature ability ejection seat is also handy if you want to launch yourself into the air to get to a rooftop or do wingsuit flight.

This list is bound to grow as we discover more vehicles in the game and play more of them, but these are initial picks for vehicles that really stand out.

Now that you know some of the best vehicles and cars in Saints Row, check out our other guides covering the best items in the game, like our best weapons or our best skill guides. You’ll find even more useful tips and information in our Saints Row walkthrough.

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