The auction of vintage cars and automotive art

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New Delhi, November 26 (IANSlife): India’s premier automotive and fine art auction house, Historic Auctions Private Ltd., founded by renowned collectors, connoisseurs and internationally renowned automotive historians, welcomes in preview of its inaugural auction of vintage cars and automotive art, at the Museo Camera, Gurugram.

There will be an exhibition of 9 of the 20 vintage cars selected from the auction. Cars at the preview include: –

* A 1959 Cadillac Sedan de Ville in “Cadillac Pink” – made famous by Hollywood. This car is recognizable by its distinctive large spoilers with two rear lights.

* A 1958 MG A-1500 sports car from when aerodynamics began to play an important role and is the first streamlined production body of the MG stables.

* A rare 1958 Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser, which is the vehicle that laid the foundation for the current Land Cruiser – a Japanese icon.

* A Fiat 500C “Topolino”; Topolino literally translates from Italian as “little mouse” and has become affectionately known as “Mickey Mouse”.

* An original 1982 single-owner Mercedes-Benz 200 will also be on display, which will be auctioned off to benefit the CKS Foundation. Known as W123, one of the most successful Mercedes of all time, selling 2.7 million units.

* A preservation class, 1934 Cadillac 355 – D 7 Passenger Imperial Sedan. It is a rarity to be able to own a preservation class car that is unrestored, intact, and unmodified since it was made.

* An extremely original 1958 Mercedes Benz 180 Ponton in unrestored “Grange Find” condition, waiting to be brought back to life for the new owner.

* A 1924 Austin 7, known as the “Baby Austin”, was one of the smallest and most economical cars available at the time, making it extremely popular.

* A 1948 Chrysler Windsor, a luxury sedan from Chrysler Corporation, one of the “big three” automakers in the United States.

The preview will also celebrate Swarnim Vijay Varsh, commemorating 50 years of India’s victory over Pakistan in the 1971 war by supporting a charitable cause. An unrestored former Indian Army Mahindra Jeep CJ-3B project will be auctioned, with 100% of the proceeds going to a military veterans protection group.

The paintings of the renowned filmmaker and artist, Raja Muzzafar Ali’s ethereal abstraction style, celebrates the beauty of classic cars like the Delage, Delahaye, Bentley, Duesenberg, Isotta Fraschini and Rolls Royce, among others. . “For me and for many others like me, a car is a toy. Every time I see a car, a certain playfulness awakens in me. The automobile is the greatest cult that the human race has embraced. discovered, both in times of war and of peace “commented the artist. The proceeds from the sale of paintings are donated to the Kotwara Welfare Trust.

In the presence of collectors, former royals and art lovers, the preview will be the first in a series of events planned by Historic Auctions, both online and offline, which will celebrate vintage cars and the cultural ecosystem that surrounds them.

“Events like Pebble Beach which promote historic Indian cars on the world stage and world-class events like the Cartier Travel with Style Contest and 21 Gun Salute which take place in India, raise awareness of classic cars, as well as the joy and prestige associated with Historic Auctions was born from a passionate’s need for a reliable and transparent platform to indulge in his passion, ”shares HH Rana Manvendra Singh Barwani, President of Historic Auctions.

With 150 years of collective experience, Historic Auctions will host online and live auctions, private sales, organize collections and provide vehicle reviews, and also in due course launch an exclusive online store, complete with products specials for car and motorcycle enthusiasts. Historic Auctions will provide an organized and seamless experience for automotive enthusiasts new and existing.

The event begins with a VIP preview with HH Maharaja Gaj Singhji II of Marwar-Jodhpur as the guest of honor along with other eminent personalities who will honor the occasion.

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