Tax audits on cars: what’s going on?

Among the controls of the Tax planned for 2022 there is also that relating to cars, in particular to the super tax, a tax which hits the owners of a car with a power greater than 185 kW, or 251 hp. After all, one of the biggest expenses in a person’s life is buying a vehicle. Not only. A car must then be maintained and managed, which inevitably impacts the family budget. Think of road tax and insurance expenses. Hence the need for the Revenue Agency to carry out checks.

As car management fees are not always the same, but change depending on the vehicle, the tax authorities provide checks targeted, depending on certain parameters. Therefore, the Revenue Agency will first check the owned cars. In the event of a discrepancy of at least 20% between expenditure and income, checks are triggered for suspicion of illicit income. This is why the first cars to be checked in 2022 will be those subject to the super tax.

great stamp

As we mentioned earlier, the great stamp it is a tax which hits the owners of a car with a power greater than 185 kW (251 hp). The amount is 20 euros for each kilowatt of power above 185. After 5 years, however, the figure is reduced by 40%, after 10 years by 70% and after 15 years by 85%, then disappears once 20 year.

Checks on vintage and historic cars

The Agenzia delle Entrate will therefore focus on old and historic cars, taking into account that the latter are the cars with at least 20 years of registration to the historian of the Italian Motorcycle Federation (Fmi), to the Italian Historic Automotoclub (Asi) or in the historic archives Lancia, Italian Fiat, Italian Alfa Romeo. Being present on the Pra registers, they are authorized to circulate. the old car, on the other hand, they must be registered on a list published by the Historical Center of the Directorate of Land Transport of the Ministry of Sustainable Infrastructure and Mobility, but they cannot circulate in the street because they are not registered with the Pra. The only exception to this rule is for permitted events.

Other checks

As we have said, however, the Inland Revenue is not based solely on the expenses incurred for the purchase of a vehicle, but also on the costs of maintenance and repair. Fire and theft policies, or motor vehicle liability insurance are also under scrutiny. The Tax Agency also checks rental charges and road tax, not only for cars, but also for motorbikes, caravans, minicars and motorhomes. Expenditure on trams, buses, taxis and other means of transport is also controlled. The taxman misses nothing, not even the expenses for the spare parts of a car.

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