Talking Cars 354: Everything you want to know about electric vehicles

Main theme: With dozens of all-new pure-electric vehicles set to debut by the end of 2024 and interest sparked by high gas prices, electric vehicles have become an even hotter topic than usual. (Learn more about automakers’ EV plans.) Because EVs remain news and, to many, a curious unknown, we’re devoting this entire episode to answering the myriad of EV-related questions we received from our loyal and curious “Talking Cars audience.

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Questions from the audience

  • My parents ordered their first electric vehicle, a Cadillac Lyriq. Is there something similar to an “EV 101” resource that I can direct them to that would have all their questions answered?
  • If you were advising someone with their eye on an EV today, would you suggest they rent or buy?
  • Is there a type of break-in period for electric vehicles, equivalent to the break-in rules described in owner’s manuals for vehicles with internal combustion engines?
  • Which EVs do you think will remain structurally sound and rust-free to justify costly battery replacement years later?
  • A recent snowstorm and traffic jams in northern Virginia got me thinking: what if a lot of them were electric vehicles? Would the batteries have lasted long enough to keep the occupants warm?
  • I’ve heard that cold weather decreases the range of electric vehicles, but what about electric vehicles in hot climates?
  • What happens when an electric vehicle runs out of power? Does it stop right in the middle of the road?

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