Suzuki Announces 2022 Japanese Motorcycle Show and WEB Lineup

2022 Suzuki Motorcycle Show Lineup - Main

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2022 Suzuki Motorcycle Show Lineup – Main

Suzuki wants to take its customers “on a journey”.

Suzuki busy in 2021, updating the Hayabusa, GSX-S1000, GSX-S1000GTand Katana for 2022. Maison Hamamatsu’s efforts on the track were equally commendable, with the Yoshimura SERT-Suzuki team winning the FIM Endurance World Championship (EWC) title and Joan Mir continuing his 2020 championship by finishing third in MotoGP 2021.

After an eventful year, Suzuki will exhibit its wares and achievements at the 38th Osaka Motorcycle Show (March 19-21, 2022), the 49th Tokyo Motorcycle Show (March 25-27, 2022) and the first of the Nagoya Motorcycle (April 8, 2022). In addition to the brand’s physical presence, Suzuki will also broadcast its 2022 WEB Motorcycle Show digitally. The online event will cater to fans who cannot attend trade shows and Suzuki will produce it from a separate location.

For each show, the manufacturer will host an exhibition framed by its “Let’s go on a trip”. As the tagline suggests, Suzuki will introduce its long-distance touring cars like the 2022 GSX-S1000GT and V-Strom 1050XT. Along with the sport and adventure touring models, Suzuki will introduce the Hayabusa, GSX-R1000RGSX-S1000, Katana, SV650GSX-R125, V-Strom 650XTV-Strom 250, Bergman 400 scooter.

Production models won’t steal all the spotlight though, as the 2022 GSX-RR MotoGP prototype and EWC-winning Yoshimura SERT-Suzuki GSX-R1000R race bike will also be featured. Those planning to attend any of the motorcycle shows in Japan in 2022 will also need to adhere to the event’s COVID-19 measures.

As Suzuki finalizes its 2022 lineup in March 2022, the company’s lineup is set for the 2022 motorcycle show schedule. However, we hope Suzuki has a trick up its sleeve for the 2023 model year. is the case, WEB Motorcycle Show 2022 and Japan Motorcycle Shows would be a great place to unveil all the incoming models.

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