Suspected truck theft leads to motorcycle chase from Los Osos to Atascadero

March 5, 2022


After allegedly participating in the theft of a U-Haul truck, a motorcyclist led officers in a pursuit from Los Osos to Atascadero on Friday afternoon that reached speeds of 100 mph or more.

While driving in the Los Osos area around 1 p.m., an off-duty CHP sergeant observed two men who appeared to be stealing from a U-Haul truck, according to CHP. The off-duty sergeant reported the incident to dispatch and then followed the suspects as they began to move away from the area.

One of the suspects was driving the U-Haul, while the other was on a motorcycle. By the time they reached South Bay Boulevard, the suspects noticed they were being followed.

The U-Haul man then pulled over. The motorcyclist continued his escape towards the north.

Officers arrested the driver of the U-Haul and Morro Bay Police attempted to locate the motorcyclist. After finding the motorcyclist, officers attempted to arrest him.

The motorcyclist failed to stop and a chase ensued. The motorcyclist drove down Highway 1, toward San Luis Obispo, and CHP officers resumed the chase.

On Highway 1, the motorcyclist turned around and started heading north. The motorcyclist drove through Morro Bay and turned onto Highway 41.

He drove officers down Highway 41 to Atascadero. The suspect drove through several residential neighborhoods before stopping on private property. He then surrendered and was taken into custody.

Investigators determined that the motorcycle was stolen. They’re still investigating the status of the U-Haul.

Officers also uncovered additional criminal activity. Authorities briefly locked down Atascadero High School following the chase.

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