“Shrinking” electric cars to help Hatzalah rescuers


City Transformer, an Israeli company that manufactures a unique “folding” all-electric car designed for city centers, will supply its vehicles to United Hatzalah so that its volunteers can respond quickly to medical emergencies.

As part of the $ 22 million deal, 1,000 vehicles will be made available for carpooling in cities across the country. When a volunteer is notified of an emergency nearby, they can find the nearest available City Transformer car and drive it to the site.

The identification, opening and operation of the vehicle will be done via the application on the volunteer’s device. The emergency address will be pre-entered into the vehicle’s navigation software by the United Hatzalah Dispatch Center which will be directly linked to the vehicle.

United Hatzalah will be the first corporate client of the seven-year-old Tel Aviv-based company. The agreement marks the start of the shared fleet of vehicles in the field of emergency services, United Hatzalah said.

City Transformer’s electric car features an innovative folding mechanism that allows it to “shrink” up to one meter wide for easier parking in congested cities. Four of its CT cars can fit in a standard parking spot, according to the company.

In idle driving mode, the car is 2.5 meters long and 1.4 meters wide, and can accommodate an adult in the front seat and one behind. Designed to meet the needs of crowded cities, it can travel up to 180 km, or about six average city trips, on a single charge, and has a top speed of 90 km / h.

United Hatzalah will use the vehicles to save lives and not just to save time or money, he noted. The organization has some 6,000 volunteer first responders across the country, responding to about 2,000 calls per day.

As part of the deal, 50 vehicles will be supplied upfront, with several hundred more units expected to join over the next five years. The delivery date was not specified, but the company said it plans to start entering the market as early as 2023.

A dedicated model equipped for use as a first aid vehicle will be provided to United Hatzalah volunteers selected by the organization.

“United Hatzalah has been following developments with City Transformer closely as the startup worked on its innovative vehicles,” said United Hatzalah vice president of operations Dov Maisel. “We approached this from two angles. First, the safety of our volunteers and riders. And second, the innovation component. We invented the ambucycle to reduce traffic faster and respond to medical emergencies faster. However, the ambucycle is limited because most of our volunteers do not have a motorcycle license or want to ride a motorcycle. The idea of ​​having a compact car capable of cutting off traffic, and based on a co-sharing model, will allow our volunteers to simply find the nearest City Transformer car and go. “

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