Richard Rawlins Unveils Ultimate “Gorilla” Work Truck at 2022 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

Although it needs little to no introduction, the Sturgis Biker Rally is an annual gathering of motorcycle enthusiasts in Sturgis, South Dakota that dates back to 1938. Originally centered on racing and riding. Stunted, the rally expanded to hill climbs and motocross in 1961. It would spend the next few decades morphing into the 10-day, multimillion-dollar excursion it is known today.

So when Gorilla Pro approached longtime driver and Sturgis veteran Richard Rawlins and garage Gas Monkey to build the ultimate works truck for the 2022 rally, Richard jumped at the chance by signing a partnership with the HB Company. Fuller.

After spending a good part of the year tracking down Ford F-350 Super Duty at the height of the car shortage, the previous five weeks to turn it into an almost unrecognizable truck was no small feat. However, for Richard and the guys at Gas Monkey, it was like riding a bike again after going almost six months without creating a custom build.

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Transport a Gorilla from Dallas to Sturgis

Starting the video with a recap of the most recent episodes, Chase and the rest of the mechanics added the finishing touches to the truck. From the powder coating of the massive chrome wheels to the finishing details like the laying of the vinyl wrap and the field testing of the Any Level suspension kit, every component receives Gas Monkey’s quintessential attention to detail.

After leaving Dallas for Sturgis, we join Richard at his AirBnB where he reveals this is the first time he’s stayed in one after being afraid of “sleeping in someone else’s house.” But in a brilliant tactic from the owners, Richard felt right at home after opening the fridge to dozens of beers. He is now ready to go to the rally.

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Hello from Sunny Sturgis

Arriving on the second Friday of the festival, Richard reveals today that this is more of a marketing opportunity for the truck. The plan is to unveil it the next day. After spending the whole afternoon taking photos, signing autographs and buying beers for people, you can’t help but appreciate Richard’s passion for people.

So when the big day came for the unveiling of the Gorilla Pro Work Truck, the handshakes and baby kisses of the night before paid off when massive crowds gathered to see the debut of the work truck. . To add to the excitement, a stuntman also jumped a Harley Davidson over the new truck.

Receiving high praise from Sturgis attendees and YouTube commentators, Gas Monkey already has other releases in mind to satisfy its lifelong Gas Monkeys.

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