Nitin Gadkari calls on automakers to start producing flex-fuel vehicles in 6 months

On Monday, Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari advised automakers to start producing hybrid flex-fuel electric vehicles and flex-fuel vehicles that meet BS6 emission standards within the next six months. month. This is done to replace the oil imports that our country has to make. According to the minister, this measure will considerably reduce greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles. It will also help India meet its pledge made at COP26 to reduce total carbon emissions projected by one billion tonnes by 2030.

Nitin Gadkari tweeted: “In order to replace India’s import of petroleum as a fuel… we have now advised Indian automakers to start manufacturing flex fuel vehicles (FFVs) and flex fuel hybrid electric vehicles. (FFV-SHEV) conforms to BS standard. -6 Standards in a time-limited manner within six months ”,

At an event in Ghaziabad, the Union Minister said he had signed an advisory on flex-fuel engines. He called on automakers to make engines capable of running on more than one type of fuel. The engines could run on 100 percent ethanol that would be produced by farmers in our country. Depending on how the automaker develops the engine, flex-fuel vehicles could run on gasoline or blends of gasoline and ethanol.

The automakers, Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai and Toyota have already agreed to manufacture the flex-fuel engines so the government does not need to make them mandatory. Currently, Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai have the largest market share when it comes to sales of four-wheeled vehicles. He said: “Companies like Hyundai and Suzuki have started making flexible motors for four-wheelers while Bajaj and TVS make them for two-wheelers. Against Rs. 100 / liter for gasoline, ethanol may be available for Rs. 62 per liter.

While the ministry believes we would be able to see flex-fuel within the next six months, it is quite possible that it will take manufacturers around a year to develop flex-fuel engines. They can speed up the process if they make their existing engines compatible with ethanol-based fuel. But that would still require a lot of development and testing.

Two-wheeler manufacturers could first offer flex-fuel engines because they have made a commitment to the minister. Additionally, in 2019 TVS released a motorcycle that could only run on ethanol. It was called Apache RTR 200 Fi E100. Some mechanical changes were made to the bike. Interestingly, TVS managed to get the same horsepower and torque output from the engine as the gasoline model. This is surprising given that the calorific value of ethanol is 33 percent lower than that of gasoline.

The ministry also notified emission standards for vehicles that could run on gasoline with a mixture of 10%, 12%, 15%, 20% and 85% ethanol. This would help create a legal framework to encourage car manufacturers to develop flex-fuel engines. There are also emission standards for engines that could run on ethanol alone.


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