My nightmarish neighbor claims the entire parking lot with SIX cars – they get up at 4am to move them, I have no luck

WHEN most people describe their dream home, they start listing things like private pools, a movie theater, or a sauna.

But for us? Well, we would be more than happy with any place that has a guaranteed parking space outside.


Dude’s neighbor takes up six parking spots on the streetCredit: Alamy

And we’re going to take a chance here and say that this poor landlord – whose neighbor monopolizes SIX spaces on his street – would probably be with us on this.

Sharing their dilemma on Reddit’s Neighbors from Hell forum, the unnamed man explained how he effectively had nowhere to park for two months.

He explained: “Since we moved in, I’ve noticed during the day that it’s always the same four vehicles parked in front of our house, but spaced out so that each car takes up two spaces and no one else can get in. park.

“Then at night there are always two big box vans** parked right outside my house. I assumed it was a neighbor of mine but never saw anyone driving the vehicles so I didn’t haven’t had the chance to tell anyone about it.”

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Although he is well aware that he does not “own” the road, the man is rightly quite irritated that he cannot park in front of his own property.

He continued: “I think it’s super inconsiderate to ‘claim’ all street parking, especially in front of someone else’s house.

“Neither of my roommates nor I have been able to park near our house since we moved in. We have one parking space in our driveway and four vehicles to the house.”

But by chance the man stirred at 4am the other morning and saw the person moving all his vehicles.

He wrote: “I ran to put some clothes on because I wanted to grab them but they left before I got dressed.

“I walked to their house next door and their front door is padlocked, with a no trespassing sign and no doorbell.

“Then there’s also a ‘no trespassing’ sign on the front door. Oh, and their driveway is completely empty. Yet their six cars sit on the street all day.”

After reading his post, other forum members urged the man and his housemates to get their local law enforcement involved.

One replied, “Next time they block the drive, call the cops and have it ticketed and towed.”

Another added: “Take pics every time it happens. A video showing how it’s off and takes up a ton of space can be good too.

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“If you know someone with a tiny car or motorbike who would be willing to help, you can thwart their movements by parking between two or more vehicles.”

“If it keeps you from getting in and out of your driveway even a little, call to have it towed,” said a third.

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