Motorcyclist crashed between cars in tragic Tampines accident alive and recovering

Singapore – In an update to the tragic crash of December 23, 2021, the motorcyclist who was run over between cars is alive and recovering, a friend of the victim said.

News of the crash was posted on Christmas Eve by the Facebook page, noting that the driver of a Mercedes was traveling at such a high speed along Tampines Ave 10 that the vehicle crashed through railings and collided with cars on the cross tracks along Tampines Avenue 1.

The post added that the speed and impact was so huge that it turned into four vehicles.

The Singapore Civil Defense Force was alerted to the incident, which required emergency services for four cars, a taxi and a motorcycle.

A 59-year-old man was taken to hospital while unconscious. He later died of injuries.

Four other men, aged 22 to 38, were conscious and taken to hospital, according to reports.

The Mercedes driver, 33, was arrested for reckless driving causing death.

“SCDF took a while to extricate the driver of the white car that sustained the impact on the driver’s side,” said.

On Saturday (January 1), the page posted an update from a friend of one of the victims.

“Hey guys, I’m sure most of you have seen or heard about the freak crash along Tampines,” the friend wrote.

He shared that the motorcyclist, Mahmud Azmani Fikri, was a close friend and was on his way when he got into the crash.

“I am posting this to update that alhamdulillah he is alive and recovering as I have read many speculations or assumptions that he did not.”

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The concerned friend also asked members of the public to keep Mr. Mahmud in their prayers as he tries to emerge from this “life changing woe”.

“I would also like to remind everyone to constantly inform your family and friends of your whereabouts, especially if you are driving or riding,” he said.

Mr. Mahmud’s friend also advised road users to get a smartwatch with fall detection to alert loved ones in the event of an accident. / TISG

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