Motorcycle instructor gives safety advice


Lafayette, LA – There have been at least two fatal motorcycle crashes in the past month. At the first corner here in Scott I spoke to a motorcycle instructor who says that a road safety course helps bikers get to know better.

“Riding a motorcycle is a great pleasure. You can smell the environment, the crops in the field, the flowers.

First Turn owner Bill Young has been a motorcycle instructor for forty-seven years. He believes runners will be better prepared on the road after taking a safety course. “There are a lot of different things with a motorcycle that a rider has to learn so they don’t make mistakes while riding.”

Young says motorcycle safety starts with what you wear: “Heavy shoes or boots, long pants, and a shirt preferably a jacket, so if you accidentally fall it could protect you from serious injury. goggles, sunglasses really aren’t the best. protection. “

Young says bikers should wear gear all the time, but he said not to wear just any helmet. “This is specially designed to protect you if you have an accident at a high rated speed. A bicycle helmet is not enough, it is not designed for accidents.

Matthew LeBlanc says that as a motorcycle driver he is wary of the cars around him. He tries to make those around him aware of the importance of paying attention to motorcycles.

“You can slide them to the side. You always want to stay a few feet away from them because they can stop a lot faster than an automobile and you certainly don’t want to back one up.

For those who are considering taking a safety course… there are several options available to you. Louisiana State Police provide training that costs just twenty-five dollars. All information is available at

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