Motorbike ride raises funds for Stuarts Draft boy who lost part of his leg


CHURCHVILLE, Va. (WHSV) – A local motorcycle group held a special race on Saturday to raise funds for the family of a Stuarts Draft boy who lost part of his right leg in a lawnmower accident.

In May, 5-year-old Rylan Pool had to have part of his right leg amputated after the accident. Since then, his community has gathered around him and his family.

“It’s been a long road, but the people, the community and the people we don’t even know made it a lot easier,” said Joshua Pool, Rylan’s father. “They put on a parade for him when he got home from the hospital. People keep asking us how they can help.

Among those who wanted help were members of the 10th Mechanized Cavalry Platoon of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, who decided to organize a charity hike for the family.

“When we heard the story, I mean, we just knew we had to do something,” said Andy Schindler, one of the hike’s organizers.

“This little one is five years old, he had a pretty terrible accident, he is very resistant, but the gap bills are coming in, so we tried to help the family a little,” added Mark Harman, the other organizer. of the race.

The charity ride took off from Dan Grinde Cycles in Churchville, which then offered food and live music. The trip raised funds through registration fees, donations and raffles. Rylan also had the chance to get into a vintage car.

“Usually a charity ride, someone is just waiting for you to show up, and we thought, wouldn’t it be cool to put the kid on the ride,” said Mark Harman.

“We just want him to know that the people in the community care about him, it’s a tragic event that has happened, and we just want to do what we can to help him and make sure he have a great time today, ”said Andy Schindler. “And I mean, what kid doesn’t like motorcycles, what kid doesn’t like cool cars?” “

Rylan’s family said they were grateful for the ride and all of the community’s help.

“It means a lot. It kind of puts things in perspective when people you don’t know are so eager to help. It gives you hope,” said Joshua Pool.

Rylan’s family said he was improving day by day and was about to have a prosthetic leg.

“He’s really close to being able to build a leg so that’s the next step. We are continuing physiotherapy to put his knee back in place so he can get the prosthesis, ”Pool said.

Organizers of the hike said they expected that when they put together all the money raised for the family, it would amount to a few thousand dollars.

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