Motorbike bonus, discounts up to 40%

It’s time to buy a motorcycle, and more. Here are all the incentives that were signed a few days ago by the Draghi government to reward Moto

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Behind the incentivesBuy new cars With less harmful emissions effect, the government Directed by Mario Draghi Confirmed that even for those who want to buy a Motorcycle or motorbikewill have incentives available, which from 2026, as originally planned, will continue until 2030 included.

All Motorcycle Buying Incentives

Here is the official press release from Treasury, The number 71 is called DPCM and automotive incentives, Released April 6, 2022.

“The President Mario Draghi Signed on the proposal of the Minister for Economic Development Giancarlo GiorgettiIn agreement with the Ministers of Economy and Finance Daniel Francosustainable infrastructure and mobility Enrico Giovannini, From Environmental Transformation Roberto Cingolani, dpcm who redesigns th Finance structurally motivation To buy Vehicles, cars and motorcycleshybrid electric ea Low emissions.

the Standard 650 million euros are allocated for each of the years 2022-2023-2024 which fall under sources The automobile fund which has been allocated by the government and which has a full financial endowment 8.7 billion euros by 2030.

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go to the detailsNow we know for sure that they will come Rewards Paid Not only to buy electric car, but also for Bicycles, electric and hybrid scooters. Sure Categories An amount corresponding to 30% of the sale price Motorbikeup to the maximum number amounting to . is reached 3 thousand euros.

This percentage goes up to 40 percent (so up to a bonus of 4 thousand euros), if you also have a to give up The bike that falls into the category of 0 to 3 euros. We also remember Environmental award in the question continue to, for the moment, only three years, from 2022 to 2024 inclusive. and form total drive Compatible with 15 million euros.

A different discourse, on the other hand, concerns Thermal bicycles and motorcycles, who just left industry And they’re about to be market it. If you want to buy one of these models, get a discount 5 percent It makes you the official of the motorcycle show. To this must be added a contribution of 40 percent of the total selling price, Which can go up to €2,500 if scrapping is planned. It’s his motivation Loan of 10 million euros For the current year, from 5 million euros for 2023 and 5 million euros for 2024.

the Standard Set to come into effect shortly after registration Verification office and publish in Official Gazette”.

How do you get 40% of the motorcycle bonus?

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For each of should go to buy a motorcycle, The procedure to be carried out is very simple. Just choose a file motorcycle model To buy and go to the nearest Merchant.

Will be Commercial, At the time of purchase, they will do everything Required documents, leave you Access to the environmental bonus.

a very important thing to to remember, Are the funds allocated each year by the government, They have fine limit. For example for this year I have 10 million eurosBut in the next period only 5. So if you are interested in buying one Motorbike Hurry up, if you run out of money you’ll have to Wait a year!

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