Most households in Goa own cars and two-wheelers, survey finds

According to a National Family Health Survey, 7.5% of all Indian families own a four-wheeled vehicle, while 49.7% of Indian families own two-wheeled vehicles. The largest number of families owning a car and a motorbike reside in Goa. 45.2% of households in Goa own a car while 86.7% of households own a two-wheeler.

The value of all India increased from 6% in 2018 to 7.5% for four-wheelers, while the percentage of two-wheelers increased from 37.7% in 2018 to 49.7%. The second state with households having four-wheeled vehicles is Kerala at 24.2% and the second state with households having two-wheeled vehicles is Punjab at 75.6%.

Interestingly enough, households in Goa own a car and a motorbike. Now we can understand why Goa is facing parking and road space issues. They also plan to reduce the registration of new cars.

Goa plans to reduce new car registration

Goans own highest number of cars per household in India, survey finds

Mauvin Godinho, Transport Minister of Goa, said they were discussing the reduction in the number of new car registrations in Goa. The discussion took place with the cabinet minister. The reason for the reduced number of registrations is that the road infrastructure of Goa is under a lot of stress and the congestion keeps increasing.
What happens because of this is that the parking space is shrinking. This leads to more traffic on the roads that the general public has to deal with. According to Goa Government Economic Survey Report for 2021-22, the state has a population of around 16 lakh and there are 15.27 lakh registered vehicles.

Transport Minister Mauvin Godinho said: “There was a suggestion yesterday when all the ministers met, not to give more permits for cars because there are too many cars on the road. “There’s no parking. They come and park in anyone’s neighborhood, stopping people from leaving their homes. You see what’s going on in and around the airport. They park everywhere, near the Joggers park, they can’t leave their house. This situation can’t be tolerated beyond a certain point. I’m going to review all of this.”

Goans own highest number of cars per household in India, survey finds

In Goa, an average of about 57,000 vehicles are registered each year by the state transport authorities. Most of these vehicles are about 70.81% two-wheelers. Jeeps, cars and taxis account for 22.77%.

The number of accidents on the roads of Goa has also increased. This happened because the lockdown is no longer in effect and more and more tourists are visiting Goa. They often rent scooters and motorbikes to get around the city. They are unfamiliar with the route and traffic and depend on the passenger to guide the route. Many of them end up having an unfortunate accident.

The minister said: “When it comes to two-wheelers, they are another big deal. Renting a (bicycle) is another big problem that is growing because they have just been given away with no application of mind. I want to let you know that in the past eight months, I haven’t authorized a single new license and I’m not going to get it. Tourists use these bikes, they don’t know the roads. The person riding the passenger guides the driver using GPS and there are accidents. There were a lot of deaths. Do we want to call tourists and kill them on the roads with no action taken? »


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