More people getting cars in Krishnagiri, thanks to Covid- The New Indian Express

Express press service

KRISHNAGIRI: Disruption of the public transport system and fear of contracting an infection drove up the demand for personal vehicles in the district during the second wave of the pandemic last year. More than 500 additional cars were registered in Hosur RTO in 2021 compared to the previous year. The registration of ambulances has increased to 15. Meanwhile, the number of motorcycles and scooters has decreased.

According to Hosur Regional Transport Officer, KS Duraisamy, “The pandemic has created fear among people about using public transport. that 1,683 cars were registered in 2020. Additionally, the registration of ambulance vehicles increased to 15 in 2021 from one in the previous year. Apart from this, the registrations of motorcycles and scooters decreased to 14,118 from 14,982 in 2020, as many have been affected by Covid-19.

He added that educational institution bus registration has been reduced to last ten buses from 22 in 2020. However, as a new industry has taken hold near Kelamangalam, private service vehicle registration rose to 73 from ten in 2020.

At the same time, 427 goods transport vehicles were registered in 2021, compared to only 298 in 2020.

Detained and fined vehicles:

Hosur is on the interstate border of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. There are two checkpoints, as well as Bagalur checkpoint and Hosur RTO to check vehicles.

In 2020, a total of 212 vehicles were detained for violations. A tax amount of Rs 32.20 crore was levied, along with a compound fee of Rs 3.77 crore. Totally Rs 35. 97 crore was bought by the officials.

In 2021, 572 vehicles were detained and revenue collection increased to Rs 44.75 crore – including tax of Rs 39.69 crore and compound fee of Rs 5.06 crore.

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