Man won’t lend brother new truck after learning he plans to haul 3,000 pounds of concrete

Share your toys and half the cookie; let them borrow your pencils, and don’t be mean – yadda, yadda, yadda.

From the start, our parents taught us to share everything, and while this practical motto introduces toddlers to the essence of community, sharing isn’t always caring.

The problem is that with this kind of notion, you don’t have the space to appreciate things for yourself. This carries over into adulthood, where you start sharing things like time, attention and energy with people who aren’t worth it, just because you’re afraid of to be labeled as selfish.

Lending things, whether it’s something material like your recently purchased 2019 Ford Raptor or something as silly as a few hours out of your day, should only happen if that’s what you desire. , and not because it is a conditioned feeling of responsibility.

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“No” is a complete sentence, even when it comes to your family

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AITA for not letting my brother use my new truck (for me) to haul a ton of concrete– this user took to one of Reddit’s communities to get some unbiased opinions and determine if he is indeed a jerk for not lending his brother his new truck. So far, the post received 206 upvotes, along with 73 comments discussing the situation.

Guy asks if he was wrong for refusing to lend his brother his new truck to haul 3,000 pounds of concrete

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The man began his post by sharing that he had recently purchased his dream car. It’s a 2019 Ford Raptor, and while it took him a while to be able to afford it, he worked hard for it.

He is currently finishing his studies and the truck was something he had wanted for a long time. Needless to say, after buying the vehicle, he sent pictures to his family and told them he would visit them more often, as they live quite a distance from each other.

The OP had to work very hard for it, but he was finally able to afford his dream car at the age of 23

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The OP also said that he had changed the shock absorbers and that although he intended to run the truck off the road, he did not plan to beat it; she is a “pavement princess” as she is unable to afford another if anything were to happen to this one.

The man and his relatives also joked that he would never use it as a truck and would haul or tow anything. He said he might buy a trailer for his bike and tow it, but the heaviest thing he’s willing to carry is a bar and some plates which he’ll be collecting soon.

He showed off his exciting purchase to his siblings and said that while he intended to take it off the road, he wouldn’t beat it.

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Fast forward to the trip to his family’s house, where he went to show off the truck and drive his nieces and nephews. Everything was fine until his brother asked if they could pick up one of his orders. At first the OP was hesitant, but his brother assured him that it was just a few bags of concrete. It turns out, however, that “a few” actually meant an entire pallet, which equaled 3,000 pounds.

Recently, he traveled to see his family, and his brother wondered if they could pick up “a few” bags of concrete.

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Naturally, the guy refused immediately, but he offered to pay half for renting one of the supplier’s trucks, just so he wouldn’t have to put that kind of weight on his. The brother didn’t like it and pettily asked if he really acted like that in front of a truck.

He then said that his other siblings were on his side and one of the sisters added some facts and said the vehicle was not designed to carry all that weight at all.

Naturally, he rejected, later learning that it was actually an entire pallet weighing over 3,000 pounds.

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His dad and uncle, on the other hand, agreed with his brother, but he said they’re “old school dudes” who don’t understand the idea of ​​a truck that wasn’t made. to transport or tow things. The man’s mother was in a world apart as she was just happy to have her children and grandchildren under one roof so he didn’t understand what she was thinking at the time . However, she recently texted the PO saying something about the family and how vital it is to be there for them.

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