Man caught breaking into Rochester cars in broad daylight



Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) – Authorities are trying to locate a man who was caught breaking into vehicles in Rochester earlier this year – in broad daylight at a business.

He also led officers in a high-speed chase.

Police learned of the crime when a woman called 911 around 11:30 a.m. on April 12.

The woman told the police “She was at the fax machine” when she looked out the window and saw a man in his vehicle. Her car was in the parking lot of the Mayo Clinic credit union office at 130 23rd Ave SW, where she worked. After making the call, the woman looked again and saw that the man had left his car and was “smashing the windows of his colleague’s vehicle.”

It was then that the woman “Press the alarm button of his vehicle on his car keys” in the hope of scaring the man.

An agent who answered the call spotted the man as he exited the parking lot and began to chase him. The man took off at high speed on 2nd St SW, heading northbound to Hwy 52 where he was chased by other officers. The chase ended when a Goodhue County deputy used stop sticks to flatten the tires.

The man – identified as Patrick Patton, 32, of St Paul’s – has been taken into police custody.

In addition to breaking the windows of both cars, Patton also stole property from one of the vehicles.

It was later learned that other property found in his possession was taken from a vehicle he had broken into earlier while parked outside a school in Rochester. The property included the victim’s driver’s license, social security card and credit cards.

An arrest warrant was issued for Patton on Tuesday.

Update: A fatal motorcycle crash on a Twin Cities highway.

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