Man accused of hitting 3 pedestrians, truck crashes into river, deer with plastic pumpkin on his head

Here are some stories that are making headlines in the Hudson Valley today.

A man from Peekskill has been charged in connection with last Thursday’s crash that injured several pedestrians on North Division Street. Peekskill Police said John Watson, 56, had been charged with assault and drug-impaired driving. They say Watson was driving a Cadillac Escalade when he collided with a parked vehicle, stepped onto the sidewalk, hit a motorcycle and then struck three pedestrians. The accident also caused damage to property and buildings owned by the city and individuals. One of the injured remains in critical condition.

Three people were injured when a box truck crashed into a Christmas tree nursery and ended up in the Saw Mill River in Hawthorne on Monday. Police say it all started when a car in front of the truck suddenly stopped. News 12 is told he swerved, hit another car and crashed into the nursery. Police said the driver of the gray Subaru sustained injuries to his neck and back. The driver of the truck and a passenger also sustained neck and back injuries. All were taken to Westchester Medical Center. Police said no citation had been issued for the crash.

Residents of Airmont are looking for a deer they believe is in serious trouble. It’s been almost 2 weeks since a deer trapped in a plastic pumpkin was spotted. News 12 learned that police and firefighters followed her for four hours before she fled. Now they are putting food aside in the hope of attracting and saving it. Neighbors ask anyone willing to help to call DEC at 844-332-3267.

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