Madman on the road attacks cars and causes a bicycle accident [Video]

We have seen motivated attacks on vehicles in the past. But this Ranchi, Jharkhand incident appears to have no motive as a person stands in the middle of the road and attacks passing vehicles. Here is what happened.

The incident is reported by Prateek Singh who received information from Vishwajeet Suman who was passing by the road. The footage is recorded on the car’s dash cam. The images show a relatively empty two-lane road in the city. In the video, a WagonR can be seen to come to an abrupt stop on the road. To avoid collision with the WagonR, Vishwajeet turns around and heads for the opposite lane.

However, he sees a man dressed in black waving a shovel in the air and trying to hit the vehicles. He heads towards the vehicles as we can see other vehicles backing up to avoid the attack. However, Vishwajeet gets stuck in front of a mini truck and cannot reverse.

The man hits the car window twice with the spade. On the second attempt, the window on the co-pilot’s side shattered into pieces. That’s when Vishwajeet holds the pedal to the ground and evades any further attacks. He parks the vehicle on the side of the road while his rear camera records another incident.

Attack of a biker

The car’s rear camera shows another attack. As the man attempted to crash into almost all of the vehicles passing through this location, many others turned around to avoid direct contact. However, a VW Polo driver sees the man at the last minute and applies the brakes. A motorcyclist who was behind the Polo was unable to brake in time and crashed into the car to fall.

As the VW Polo left the scene as soon as he saw the attacker was distracted, the biker got up on his own and started limping. He picked up the bike and the attacker then swung the spade at him. The motorcyclist was almost hit by the spade and the inhabitants join them to stop the violence.

Meanwhile, Vishwajit called the police and reported the incident. The police arrived at the scene after some time to arrest the attacker. We don’t know if the police filed a complaint against the attacker or released him.

Such attacks are not common in India, but this incident clearly shows the importance of having a dash cam in the car.

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