List of show cars in GTA Online from October 27 to November 2

This week’s GTA Online update has brought a variety of show cars that will satisfy the thirst of most car enthusiasts in the game. However, as the Halloween event is underway, Rockstar Games is constantly adding new rewards and activities. So, it might be difficult for many casual gamers to find a dedicated list of all the show cars they can buy during this chaotic week in the online title.

To help such people, this article will offer a list of all show cars currently available in GTA Online.

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GTA Online players get multiple show cars including Revolter, Pigalle and more

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Grotti Visione

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Grotti Visione is a hypercar that is inspired by the design of the real Ferrari Xezri Competizione Edition, which in turn gives this vehicle a futuristic and fluid look that many gamers will really appreciate.

It is also a very good hypercar compared to other automobiles in its class. The vehicle boasts an impressive top speed of 125.25 mph and a lap time of 1:01.062. The Visione also has incredible acceleration and can hit 60 mph in seconds. Players can get this car for around GTA$1.6 million.

Mutiny of the Übermacht

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The Übermacht Revolter is a four-door luxury car based primarily on the Cadillac Escala Concept. Hence, it has quite a sleek and compact design that will appeal to gamers who prefer high durability.

This car also has insane acceleration, which will be useful in escaping dangerous situations. Additionally, it has tight maneuverability that prevents the vehicle from spinning when the player makes sharp turns.

Also, due to its heavy weight, it can easily cut through traffic, making it a perfect option for ramming into players. The car’s top speed is 115.5 mph and its lap time is 1:04.198. Both of these stats can be improved through upgrades. Players can purchase this vehicle for GTA$1.6 million.

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BF weevil

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Players can obtain the BF Weevil from Simeon’s showroom, a car heavily inspired by the iconic Volkswagen Type 1 Beetle. If players want to drive a popular vehicle from the 1940s, this automobile is their best option in GTA Online.

The BF weevil has flexible handling. Therefore, players can easily rotate it. Moreover, it is also a lightweight car, which makes the vehicle very easy and fun to drive. Players can get it for $870,000.

Lampadati Pigalle

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The Pigalle is a two-door vintage car in GTA Online based on the Citroën SM, which was one of the most popular vehicles in Europe at one time. So players who love European automobiles should definitely consider buying this car.

The Pigalle is quite capable in terms of performance, as it has admirable acceleration and a top speed of 121.25 mph. This makes this car quite fast compared to other classic sports cars in the game. Players can get the vehicle for around $400,000

Albany Lurching

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The Albany Lurcher is a funeral car that carries an open coffin from which a monster emerges. All of this is easily visible if players peek into its rear compartment. This means the vehicle is perfect for anyone celebrating Halloween.

Even though it doesn’t have the best performance compared to other vehicles in the game, it can still be used to scare others in GTA Online.


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Sanctus is a really aggressive looking and intricately designed bike that is inspired by the Avarus from the game. However, it comes with some obvious changes, such as the human skull installed where the headlight should go.

This spooky, skeletal aesthetic makes it a perfect choice for Halloween. Additionally, this bike reminds many players of the popular Marvel character, The Ghost Rider. That’s because, in the comics, he rides a similar-looking two-wheeler. The motorcycle has a top speed of 112 mph, making it one of the fastest motorcycles in this game.

Dinko RT3000

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This car is based on the popular Honda S2000. Players looking for a simple-looking two-door car should definitely consider owning it. Moreover, it has a top speed of 119.3 mph and can quickly reach high speeds with ease. This makes the Dinka RT3000 a great car, especially if gamers want a sports car that’s easy to control and perfect for practice.

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