Lawmakers want drivers who damage their cars on poor roads to be able to recover the damage year round – CBS New York

HAUPPAUGE, NY (CBSNew York) – Motorists statewide can sue for damage to their vehicles six months a year.

Now some Long Island lawmakers want Albany’s year-round help for drivers hitting potholes, blowing tires and cracking windshields on state roads.

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As CBS2’s Jennifer McLogan reported on Monday, it is a jaw-dropping, tooth-shaking experience trying to stay safe on the Long Island Freeway.

Frank DeLustro distributed nearly $ 1,000 to repair four flat tires and a cracked windshield.

“I was stuck on the side of the road, horrible thing, 4:30 am, being stuck there, feeling the most lonely,” DeLustro said.

Currently, New York State is not responsible for year-round damage to vehicles on state highways. A senator from the state of Long Island is proposing to change that.

“From November 16 and during the colder months, there is a blackout period during which motorists are prohibited from getting reimbursed for damage caused to their car. My bill would erase that time, ”said Senator Alexis Weik.

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When cars are damaged on faulty roads, hitting potholes or debris, between November 15 and May 15, the onus is on the driver to pay.

In the past, when lawmakers tried to expand this, it was rejected, with many arguing that there was no good way to fix the roads that collapse during the winter, with asphalt factories. closed.

“The state must defend the integrity of the roads. We have to fix the roads and then we have to support them, ”said Assembly Member Douglas Smith.

With billions on New York’s way from the infrastructure bill, there is a new bipartisan push to protect drivers and taxpayers every 12 months of the year.

“Show us that our tax dollars are being used for what we, the taxpayers and drivers, expect,” said Al Eisenberg at Al’s Hubcaps in Mineola. Customers lobbied for help from the state.

“We pay taxes and for that money we should be reimbursed all year round. It doesn’t make sense to just turn it off after November 15, ”said Motorcycle Safety Advocate Nick LaMorte.

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Unless the bill passes, six months a year, only drivers can be reimbursed up to $ 5,000 per state pavement decay incident.

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