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KARACHI: More than 4,500 cars and motorcycles were either uprooted or stolen in the city during the month of September, it was reported on Monday.

According to data compiled by the Citizen-Police Liaison Committee (CPLC), a total of 4,593 kidnapping and theft cases – 212 cars and 4,381 motorcycles – of vehicles were reported in different parts of the metropolis in September of this year compared to the same period last year. year in which a total of 4,401 cars and bicycles were ripped off and stolen.

No less than 23 cars were seized in different parts of the metropolis while the number of motorcycles carried away at gunpoint stood at 441.

In September 2020, 25 cars and 269 motorcycles were seized at gunpoint across the city.

Authorities say ripped off vehicles transferred to Balochistan

Data indicates that 189 four-wheeled vehicles and 3,940 motorcycles were stolen in the city in September of this year.

Last year in the same month, a total of 159 cars were stolen and the number of motorcycle thefts stood at 3,948.

Market in Balochistan

CPLC chief Zubair Habib said vehicle theft at gunpoint had gradually declined due to the active police, but car and motorcycle thefts continued unabated.

He said eliminating vehicle theft requires technology with the installation of surveillance cameras. He hoped that the implementation of the Karachi Safe City Project would help control this crime.

Mr Habib said that another factor that could help reduce crime would be the “dualisation” of the 43 km long northern ring road and the construction of interchanges there. He said that many ripped off or stolen vehicles were taken to Hub, Balochistan by this road and that a two-lane road and interchanges would help police establish checkpoints there.

A senior police officer, who wished not to be named, said car wrecking or theft has decreased significantly in the city and today only four-by-four double-cabin vehicles are lifted due to the market of Balochistan and remote areas of Sindh. .

Bike theft remains a challenge

He said lifting motorcycles remained a major challenge for law enforcement.

Citing a host of reasons for the increased incidence of motorcycle theft, he said their locking system was “weak or faulty” and bicycle companies were unwilling to invest in it.

He said there were “unregulated” parking spaces without surveillance cameras, especially in industrial areas, where “thousands of motorcycles” were parked daily, some of which were easily stolen. . In addition, most drug addicts were involved in this crime, as lifting bicycles was “easy” work for them, he added.

The officer said there is a huge market for the sale / purchase of used parts and that in many cases these parts have come from stolen bikes. Such markets in the city needed “special attention” from the police, he suggested.

Car theft hot spots

According to the CPLC, there are certain “favorite” neighborhoods for carjackers in the metropolis where more incidents of auto theft are often reported.

CPLC identified a corner of Sindh Infectious Disease Hospital on University Road as part of Aziz Bhatti Police Station; Khayaban-i-Hilal Park in phase VI of the Defense Housing Authority within the boundaries of Darakhshan Police Station; the area near the Chase Value store in Block-H of North Nazimabad and the area near the Nadra Mega Center in Block-L as part of the Taimuria Police Station as hot spots for car theft cases.

However, no data was available regarding hot spots for car theft cases.

Motorcycle pulling hotspots

Regarding the kidnapping of motorcycles at gunpoint, the Waseem Bagh parking lot and the furniture market corner in the 13-D-II block of Gulshan-i-Iqbal; Chowrangi peoples corner; the town of Dadabhoi under the Jamshed Quarters police station; Bakery petrol pump in Korangi-2 ½; Link Road Sector-32-A Korangi as part of the Korangi Industrial Zone Police Station (KIA); the main road from Korangi near Vita Chowrangi as part of the KIA mission; outside the complainant’s house in Landhi; Saba Cinema, Sector 6-B New Industrial Zone of Karachi; near Sir Syed College Nazimabad-1 within Rizvia Police Limits; The Jamali Pull highway in figure-33 in the police jurisdiction of Sachal and Pakistan Kanta in figure-33 under the SITE-Superhighway Industrial Area police station emerged as the “favorite” places where gunmen beat more than once in a month to grab motorcycles.

Hot spots for motorcycle theft

The CPLC believed that Raza Mustafa Masjid Korangi-4 within the confines of the Awami Colony Police Station; Keamari fishing market within the limits of the quayside police; Hill Park parking area under the Ferozabad police station; Faizan-i-Atta Masjid corner Block-3 in Gulshan-i-Iqbal; Govt. Korangi-5 Hospital under the Awami Colony Police Station; Adnan Medical Korangi-6; The corner of Nipa Mobile Market on University Road within Aziz Bhatti Police Limits; Bilal Masjid service road in Sector 5-E of New Karachi; Quaid Ground parking lot at Preedy Street as part of the brigade’s police mandate; parking at the main Seaview Canteen No.2 in Darakshan Police Jurisdiction; The parking lot of the National Medical Center on the main road to Korangi, within the limits of the Defense Police and Hyderi-G North Nazimabad market block, were the hot spots for the lifting of two-wheelers during the month of September.

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