Kandura Rally: Over 200 super cars vroom through Dubai celebrating UAE’s love for exotic vehicles – News

Over 200 vehicles taking part in a parade displaying the Dubai Autodrome Club Circuit flag

Emirati pride took center stage at the first-ever Kandoura Rally in Dubai. Photo: Supplied

Published: Tue, Jul 5, 2022, 12:44 AM

It was Dubai’s coolest motor show with the hottest cars and motorbikes – and attendees all dressed in Kandura as a celebration of traditional Arab attire.

The first-ever Kandura rally in the city saw more than 200 vehicles take part in a parade which was launched from the Dubai Autodrome club circuit in the heart of Motor City, circulating around several Dubai landmarks, including the museum of the future, the Meydan Bridge and the Dubai Camel Track, before arriving at the final destination of Dubai Technology Park.

True to the diversity of Dubai, the participants came from different nationalities, all wearing the Kandoura. And true to the city’s love of all things automotive, vehicles of all hues and descriptions joined in on the fun ride, from motorcycles and rugged off-roaders to custom and rare vehicles.

One of the highlights of the rally was the Car and Bike Show competition held at Dubai Digital Park, which showcased several classic and modified cars. This Jannarelly D1 Trofeo car is one of a total of only 30 that have been made and is the only one of its kind in the UAE.

The title of “best in show” was won by Road Horror, presented by the Emirati Jassim Mohammed Lashkari. “I spent more than half a million dirhams and two years to customize this car. I wanted it to be special. The wide body was made from scratch and I’m sure it’s unique in its own way. genre,” Lashkari said.

Another car that caught the eye and won the title of best automotive airbrush was Walid Alkhadhar’s Joker. The Emirati car enthusiast who is also an artist sketched what he envisioned on his car. Finally, he hired an airbrush that took 40 days to complete the car.

The event was a bonding opportunity for many families. Eight-year-old William Nnamdi Becky-Lines was there with his father and friends. “I like the cars here,” he said. “They are so fast and so expensive. When I grow up I want to buy a Lamborghini Aventador S.”

Bikers Deepa and Saajan participated in a bike show for the first time. “I got him motorbike lessons for his 50th birthday,” said Deepa, the bigger bike enthusiast of the two. The couple now go on long drives at 3 a.m. “It completely changed our lives for the better,” Saajan said.

Visitors to the car show were not to be outdone by the luxury cars that surrounded them. Fashion enthusiast Susan Mantosh looked lovely in her unique hand-painted kaftan and car-shaped bag.

Susan Mantosh

Susan Mantosh

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