Japanese Microcar Owner’s Tiny Automobile Collection Is Turning Heads In Japan

The cutest cars you’ll ever see!

You can spot plenty of whimsical and unusual vehicles on Japan’s roads today, but none are as small or as cute as those owned by Twitter user kaorububu (@kaorububu501).

The little car enthusiast, who is used to turning heads on the road, caused a bit of a stir during a visit to a convenience store recently, when customers inside the store started staring out the window and comment on his unusual vehicle.

From this photo, taken by kaorububu after he emerged from the bathroom, it’s easy to see why the car attracted so much attention.

The long poles near the car exaggerate its tiny proportions, while the exterior paintwork makes it look surreal, like it’s straight out of an anime and in real life.

It’s the cutest little vehicle we’ve ever seen, but it’s not the only one owned by kaorububu, who has a knack for creating stunning designs.

Take this glorious red and yellow specimen, for example, which has the same square shape and color scheme as a Keihan 8000 series train. Not only does it turn heads for its miniature proportions, but also for the fact that it gives the impression of a train speeding down the road.

Another automobile that has people doing a double take is this cute set of wheels, which looks like a little Yamazaki bread truck.

▼ A small car in a giant world.

And then there’s this microcar, which includes retro branding for old-school National color TVs. It’s such a sweet car that it even steals the show at popular tourist sites.

▼ And yes, it looks a lot like a famous Japanese mountain.

If Kaorububu’s mountain-shaped car looks familiar, that’s because it’s a customized Bubu 501, originally sold by Mitsuoka Motor Company in 1982. Known overseas as of Honda Zoe zipperthis little vehicle may be small but it is fast.

▼ So fast, in fact, that even roller-skating ninjas can’t keep up.

While the Boubou 501 was billed as a “mini sedan», the boxer Boubou 502 was billed as a “minivan», and this is the model used by kaorububu for the red and yellow Keihan van.

The small Yamazaki bread truck is a modified version Bubu-50 Shuttlejust like the convenience store’s little blue car, and all of Kaorububu’s little fleet is rolling Honda 50cc Motorcycle Enginesjust like the original models.

All of these mini cars are allowed to drive on Japanese roads, and Kaorububu has even been pulled over by the police on occasion, but not for travel violations – they just want to photograph his car.

“What a beautiful car! Can I take a picture to show my family?”

The police aren’t the only ones fascinated by the small vehicle, as netizens are also wowed, leaving comments like:

“I’m about to cry…It’s so cute…like a toy!”
“I’ve never seen anything like it in my life!”
“I want to enter one of them!”
“They are so cute, I love them! »
“My four year old saw this and now he wants one!”

Microcars like these aren’t easy to come by, so for now we’ll live vicariously through kaorububu on his Twitter accountwhere you can even peek inside some vehicles.

Personally, we’d love to own one of these little cars, and if we did, we’d definitely park it outside of this little house.

Source: Twitter/@kaorububu501 via Jin
Featured Image: Twitter/@kaorububu501

Insert images: Twitter/@kaorububu501
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