Insanely Weird Alibaba EV of the Week: $ 3,600 Silly Electric Truck

While Alibaba is known to have bizarre vehicles, its collection of electric trucks is often even weirder than average. So I know when it’s time to dive into the depths of outrageous electric vehicle design for my weekly Awesomely Weird Alibaba Electric Vehicle of the Week column, I’ll often rise to the surface clutching a strange new truck between my teeth. .

And this week is no different, with a funny little electric truck-like thing taking center stage.

If people laughed at my own $ 2,000 electric mini-truck that I bought from Alibaba earlier this summer, then I shudder to think of the kind of ridiculousness I would have with this adorable utility vehicle attempt.

First off, it looks like it came straight out of a Lego set.

It’s the kind of thing a kid would put together in a Pixar movie and then a magical wish would bring it to life with an endearing personality and a warm, fuzzy message to take away about self-love as you are.

I love it, because I already love this thing despite (or maybe even because of) how quirky it looks.

Although the Alibaba seller referred to it as an “electric four-wheeler pickup,” I think it’s less pickup trucks and more UTVs. At least my Chinese pickup actually looks like an aborted F-150. This one looks more like an assembled Polaris Ranger at IKEA.

Okay, but let’s put the eyes aside for a moment. Because like I said, I already love this thing. In fact, it looks like it has a lot of use.

Compared to a typical open UTV or even a golf cart, this thing is fully enclosed. Using it in the rain would be much nicer, and it could even stay toasty warm indoors for winter operation.

Second, handling is probably… decent? It has a solid rear axle like most low-speed vehicles from China, but at least the front has independent suspension. And the 145 / 70R-12 tires are also bigger than what you typically see on these small vehicles.

The 3000 watt motor might sound small… and it is. But the little guy only drives 34 mph (55 km / h), so he doesn’t really need that much power anyway.

A whopping 3kW should be enough to reach these speeds on level ground, but I guess you could finish your coffee in the time it takes to hit that speed.

And extreme rock climbing is probably out of the question with just four horses to its name.

I might have to make some changes before I can get it off with a good jump.

With its current pack, the seller claims a maximum range of 90-110 km (56-68 miles). It’s a long way to go in a Lego truck.

At least the 60V, 100Ah battery is big enough for a vehicle of this size, measuring 6,000 watt hours. Although old fashioned lead acid batteries were the first thing to do if I bought one. Take a couple jump 3000 Wh lithium-ion batteries as a replacement would be a good start.

Of course, these batteries would cost half the price of the vehicle. Alibaba seller quotes a price of $ 3,650 if you only buy one. They will make you lose $ 200 on each vehicle if you take ten or more.

This is what I call a party!

It’s time to buy one huge inflatable beach balls and start a giant soccer match! The vans are even available in several different colors, making it easy to build teams.

I know I made fun of this thing, but it actually looks pretty nice for utility work. Take a look at all this interior!

If I was a gardener or needed to patrol a factory or campus, this is the type of vehicle I would want. Anyone can get a ClubCar or a golf cart. But something like that offers style points that you just can’t earn elsewhere.

In fact, I’d better stop browsing this product page or I’ll end up with another weird thing taking up space in my garage.

If you want to see more of the fun and weird EVs I found while browsing the gold mine that is Alibaba, check out the list below. Or if you stumble upon your own interesting discovery drop me a link! It could well be featured in a future edition of the Awesomely Weird Alibaba Electric Vehicle of the Week series!

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