Indian Army loads bikes into trucks and asks bikers to get on a bus

It is winter in northern India and the mountainous regions have seen a lot of snowfall this year. Many routes were closed due to heavy snowfall. Many winter tourist destinations are not accessible by road due to heavy snowfall. Many routes are only accessible by 4×4 and riding a motorbike in such conditions is a risk. We have seen several videos online where vloggers explore the mountains during snowfall. Very rarely do you see videos of bikers on such terrains. Here we have on such a video where a group of bikers had to load their bikes into army trucks due to heavy snowfall.

The video was uploaded by JS Films to their YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger and his group of bikers were in the mountains for a campaign they were carrying out in collaboration with the Indian army. The vlogger doesn’t mention what exactly the ride was for, but he did mention that they were going to Chang La pass.

As he descended they had a bunch of Royal Enfield Bullets and Himalayan motorbikes arranged for them. The vlogger also shows a bus belonging to the Indian Army that was parked outside their hotel. The group got ready for the ride and started riding. The group starts rolling and soon they start seeing snow capped mountains. It was quite cold and even with several layers of jackets, the runners felt the cold and the wind came in through small gaps.

After riding it around for a while, they came to a cafe where they planned to take a break. It looked like a cafe run by the Indian Army. After some time, army personnel inform the group that they cannot ride their bikes ahead as it is heavy rain. The bus that was parked in front of their hotel was also following them and there were trucks parked at the cafe.

So the army personnel started loading the bikes into the trucks and the riders boarded the bus. As they moved forward. The terrain completely changed and the roads were completely snow covered. Cycling on such a surface is actually a risky thing as there are more chances of losing traction and skidding. Snow is one of the toughest and trickiest terrains to drive or ride. Acceleration and braking should be done very carefully.

Any sudden movement of the steering or the handlebars can cause the driver or driver to lose control of the vehicle and this can easily end in an accident. That’s why army personnel asked the group to load the bikes into the truck. The vlogger asks the bus driver to stop at a few places. One such place was the Chang La Pass and the vlogger mentions that the temperature there was -27 degrees Celsius. Vlogger was struggling to breathe due to the altitude and after that the bus took them to a guesthouse run by the Indian Army.

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