Humdinger and Good Gray Cars: Penngrove humdinger events



Bring your chair and enjoy live music Saturdays in August from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. at Penngrove Market. The schedule:

August 7 – The hubcaps

August 14 – The Jewuets, with musicians from Royal Jelly Jive

August 21 – The Penngrove Station Band

August 28 – Pickers and Thieves.

The outdoor grill offers Yanni sausage, Stemple Creek and Beyond burgers from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m., and the indoor wood-burning oven is open for pizzas and other treats.

Get your engines running! The South of Heaven Filthie’s Car Club presents the Humdinger Car Show at Penngrove Park on August 7 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. You will see amazing cars. The NorCal Pin Up Girls have a contest at 1 p.m. Penngrove social firefighters will take care of the barbecue. The show moved to Penngrove after passing its Freestone grounds.

Welcome to Good Gray: an ordinary store

A charming general store opened last month in downtown Penngrove, Good Gray: A Commonplace Shop. Useful housewares describe the merchandise, but don’t quite do it justice.

Owner Laural Reid offers products from Japan and Germany “which I admire for their design as well as their functionality,” said Reid. “There are bath, kitchen and locker room products, German brushes (from computer to cleaning), interspersed with books and art supplies.”

I saw the classic Opinel knife, a French folding knife so adorable and useful for picnics. It just might turn out to be my “2021 gift” (friends, forget to read this).

Good Gray had been in business in Petaluma for eight years (sharing space with Maude, on Western Ave.) and operated online during the pandemic. The new Penngrove Shop is located in the old Buddhist Space at 9591 Main St., next to the Penngrove Motorcycle Company.

“I named my shop Good Gray after reading a bit about Walt Whitman, which used to be called The Good Gray Poet,” owner Laural Reid said. “But mostly because I just liked the sound of Good Gray.”

“I see that poetry is making its way into the store and I have started to learn more about Walt Whitman and poetry. I really like having little pieces of art and literature interspersed with everyday products. I got the keys to the store on Whitman’s birthday.

Reid believes that art, poetry and literature should be part of everyday life. Thus, she brings “things which are useful or educational, and beautiful, and which I love.”

The store’s slogan “A Commonplace Shop” comes from the Commonplace Book of old, where people recorded anything that was useful, interesting or relevant to their lives. It had its own indexing system and evolved into a literary “thang”.

Reid has been a resident of Petaluma for 40 years. She worked at the Novato library and her mother was a librarian. At Christmas, the store will continue its Yule Book Flood, an Icelandic tradition of gifting books and chocolate on Christmas Eve and reading.

Daughter Lily Reid shares space with her Apprentice Studio Knitwear and boutique. It offers its own line of knitwear as well as other brands of specially selected clothing and accessories. Lily started knitting at the age of 6 and previously worked at Knitterly in Petaluma. Its website is She is also co-owner of Judith and Lily with Judith Marciante of Petaluma. They offer classic yarns online and look forward to returning to workshops in the future.

Laural loves Penngrove’s “old, quiet Sonoma County atmosphere,” and so do we. Welcome to town! Visit the website at


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