How DSS officers driving against traffic shot me – Truck Driver

A 41-year-old truck driver and resident of Abeokuta, Ogun State, Sunday Olamode, told DAUD OLATUNJI he was fighting for his life after he was shot in the stomach and leg by agents from the Department of State Services driving against the grain. on the Lagos-Abeokuta Highway

Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Sunday Olamode. I’m 41 years old. I work as a truck driver. I live in Abeokuta, Ogun State.

Are you married?

Yes I’m married. I have three wives and seven children.

Can you recount the incident that brought you to this hospital?

Coming home from work on Monday (June 27, 2022), I encountered a traffic jam in Itori; traffic jams were heavy. I couldn’t immediately tell who was responsible for the heist because I was far behind. The large vehicle directly in front of me started to back up. I couldn’t see what was happening in front. As the big vehicle backed up, I tried to make room for it, so I could also find my own way. That’s when I saw men wearing black clothes with DSS (Department of State Services) written on the back. They came towards me and ordered me to step aside. But I told them to be patient for the big vehicle in front of me to leave. As my motor boy was trying to control traffic so I could get out of the way, I saw them approach my truck. When they got to me, they opened the door and started dragging me. As they dragged me, I started to hear sporadic gunshots. And that’s how I was shot.

You said their vehicle was facing yours. Did you drive in the opposite direction?

No, I wasn’t driving in the wrong direction. They were the ones going against the current. The incident happened around the wrong part of the Lagos-Abeokuta highway. They were trying to avoid the wrong portion, so they left their lane to face our own lane. I was coming from Lagos as they were coming from Abeokuta, towards Lagos. But they left their lane to face our own lane and blocked the lane.

What happened after you were shot?

I felt my leg was numb and couldn’t move for a while. When I jumped out of the truck and landed on the ground, I realized I had been shot in the leg and in the stomach.

How did you get to the hospital?

Incidentally, a brother of one of my wives was also in circulation. He didn’t know I was the only one shooting. He just came like any of the other well-wishers who had gathered around me. That’s when he saw that I was the victim and shouted: “Daddy Ayo!” My motor boy kept calling for help, saying don’t give up on me to die like this. They started looking for a motorcycle to take me to the hospital. I held my affected leg. They finally got a motorbike and I was taken to a private hospital in Itori. The hospital gave me first aid but said the case was beyond what they could handle. They then referred me to Abeokuta Federal Medical Center. But when we got there, they rejected me. I was then taken to Oke Ijeun State General Hospital. I was also rejected at the State General Hospital. Then I was taken to this private hospital, which admitted me and started treatment.

What did the DSS agents do after shooting you?

They left after scaring everyone with gunshots, causing people to run around in a mess. It was after the DSS agents had left the scene that people were able to surround me to help me. I am grateful to these people. I thank God for what they did.

Do you recognize any of these DSS agents?

No way. But they were about five or six. I was so shocked and confused. I was already unconscious by the time they took me to the State General Hospital (sobs). Two dumplings were pulled out of my stomach. Whoever kicked my leg passed out but right now my leg is paralyzed. I don’t know if I will even be able to use the leg again or work again.

What are you transporting with your truck?

I transport granite. That day I went to deliver a load of granite overnight and was returning home in the morning when the incident happened.

What are your requests?

I want the authorities to recapture the DSS agents who shot me; I want them to be prosecuted. I want justice. The government should not let these power-drunk and heartless officers get away with this act of injustice and violation of human rights. This should not go unpunished in a country with government and law and order.

My people have spent so much on hospital bills and as things stand I don’t even think I will be able to work again even after I recover because I was shot in the stomach.

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