From craft bikes to race cars, KTM now goes all out with X-Bow GT-XR

The premium motorcycle brand KTM has a huge global presence with performance as its core philosophy. The Austrian company has a wide range of motorcycles – from naked streetfighters to adventure touring machines to faired supersports – in its arsenal.

However, inconspicuous to many, the company also offers a dedicated range of sports cars. The latest in its four-wheel division is the X-Bow GT-XR, based on the track-only X-Bow GT2 unveiled in 2020. The latter is a derivative of the X-Bow roadster which debuted in 2008, with an open-top design.

The original X-Bow versus the X-Bow GT-XR

Like the first-generation X-Bow, the new GT-XR features a powertrain sourced from Audi. However, it is the first model in the X-Bow range to be road legal, unlike previous race track only supercars. The company will produce only 100 units of this model in limited series, although it is doubtful whether any of these units will be available to Indian consumers.


The new KTM X-Bow GT-XR looks like a typical hypercar with nuances from contemporary race car brands like Lamborghini and McLaren. Designed by Austrian brand KISKA’s in-house subsidiary, the X-Bow GT-XR takes a minimalist approach, relying on sharp edges, clear lines and smooth surfaces, draped in a carbon fiber shell.

He gets a two-seater cabin derived from Formula 3 racing cars and supported by a unibody frame. The door opens in a spaceship style canopy through the one-piece roof with hydraulic assistance. Other visual highlights include spoiler-like elements at the rear and a large wing spoiler, both of which contribute to the car’s aerodynamic efficiency.


X-Bow GT-XR Design Highlights

Thanks to the carbon fiber body structure and an aluminum space frame, the X-Bow GT-XR weighs only 1,130 kg. The rear lights are another eye-catcher with the four-piece units similar to those seen on Husqvarna motorcycles.

Interiors and features

A road-legal car, KTM outfitted the X-Bow GT-XR with every comfort, including air conditioning, Bluetooth connectivity, a glove box and a digital instrument console. The driver’s display is mounted on the Formula 1-style steering wheel which houses several control buttons. It also gets a trio of cameras, replacing conventional side mirrors and mirrors.


Cockpit X-Bow GT-XR

Carbon fiber bucket seats provide a race car-like experience behind the wheel. In terms of practicality, X-Bow GT-XR offers 160 liters of boot space, good enough for two sports bags. The supercar rolls on a set of OZ Racing wheels, measuring 19 inches in the front and 20 inches in the rear.

Powertrain specifications

The X-Bow GT-XR is powered by a 2.5-litre five-cylinder petrol engine sourced from Audi, tuned to develop 500 hp and 581 Nm of maximum torque. The engine is mounted just in front of the rear axle, delivering power to the rear wheels through a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission and providing a 44:56 (front-to-rear) weight distribution.


Original Audi engine in X-Bow GT-XR

It benefits from a mechanical limited-slip differential, so the rear-facing setup provides good cornering grip. As for performance, Acceleration time from 0 to 100 km/h is rated at a measly 3.4 seconds while the top speed has been electronically capped at 280 km/h. A 96 liter fuel tank ensures a total range of approximately 956 km with a full tank.

(Images courtesy: KTM)

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