Established Turkey’s first automotive battery factory

Established Turkey’s first automotive battery factory

Turkey has taken an important step in the production of batteries, which is the most critical part of electric cars. SiRo, which was established in partnership with Turkey’s Automotive Group of Companies (TOGG) and Chinese energy giant Farasis, will establish a battery cell and module production plant in Gemlik. The facility, which will be Turkey’s first automotive battery plant, will employ 2,200 people.

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank made an assessment on social media and said, “Turkey’s first car battery factory is being established! This is a giant leap for our automotive industry, which has the capacity to produce 2 million vehicles and can export over $30 billion. In partnership with TOGG and Farasis, SIRO will manufacture 15 gigawatt-hour battery cells and modules. used the sentences.

SiRo delegation visited President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in October and briefed on battery product development and production. The delegation also presented the investment plan and the incentive application file to Minister Varank.


In the field of battery production, which is the greatest need of the automotive industry, which can export more than 30 billion dollars, TOGG and Farasis Energy have agreed to establish a joint battery production plant in Turkey. The two companies have joined forces with SiRo, the abbreviation of Silk Road, which is the English language of the historic Silk Road, which connects East and West and plays an important role in the development of civilizations.


SiRo, which is supposed to contribute to the technological transformation of the mobility ecosystem in Turkey,

It will develop energy storage solutions in automotive and non-automotive applications at its Gemlik plant. SiRo, which will produce TOGG’s battery modules and sets, aims to reduce foreign energy dependence and accelerate the development of a clean and efficient energy system.


After the establishment of SiRo, TOGG Chairman of the Board, Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu, and Farasis Co-Founder and CTO, Dr. Keith Kepler, visited President Erdoğan, who both launched and threw the basics of TOGG. Prior to the visit in October, the SiRo delegation also met with Minister Varank. At this meeting, Hisarcıklıoğlu and Kepler signed the investment plan and the incentive application file and presented it to Minister Varank.


At the end of this process, the presidential decision relating to project support for SiRo by the Ministry of Industry and Technology was published in the Official Journal. With the decision signed by President Erdogan, SiRo’s investment in the production of cells and battery modules will be supported on a project basis. Thanks to this investment, the battery module and the cell, one of the most important components of TOGG and having strategic quality, will be produced in Gemlik.


The investment of 30 billion lira in the battery cell with a capacity of 15 GWh and the battery module with a capacity of 19.8 GWh will contribute to the technological transformation of the ecosystem of electric vehicles and the mobility in Turkey. The investment is expected to employ 400,000 people, 200 of whom are qualified.


TOGG, whose intellectual and industrial property rights are owned by Turkey, will be the first electric SUV born in Europe when it leaves the group in the last quarter of 2022. TOGG aims to respond to consumers with 2030 different models by 5. Electric, connected and next-generation TOGG will be produced in the factory established on an area of ​​1.2 million square meters in Gemlik.

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