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Overland travel has always been considered an adventure to be experienced in a four-wheeled vehicle. Overland Expo intends to instill two-wheeled bikes with the experience of the open road. With the 2021 Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports ES DCT, the company has created a stylish off-road build. First announced in February 2021, Overland Expo began revamping the bike in March and showcased the entire process as well as the final product. With the 2021 Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports ES DCT, Overland Expo is also planning to present the four-wheeled Toyota 4Runner TRD Off-Road, which is also in the works. The Africa Twin is poised to be a revolutionary overland bike that cyclists can take along for long distance trips and weekend cruises.

The 2021 Honda Africa Twin is the perfect bike for cross country trips. As Overland Expo added rugged features for safety and comfort, the bike became invincible. Here’s a look at the 2021 Honda Africa Twin built by Overland Expo.

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Equip the biggest

Africa Twin 2022


Overland Expo had no doubts when they chose the Honda Africa Twin 2021 to equip themselves with effective accessories with different brand collaborations. Inspiration came when Overland Expo noticed an increase in the number of avid bikers who wanted to take overland trips across the country. As competition intensified in the market to create durable and long lasting motorcycle accessories, bikers embarked on the adventure of using them for their bikes. However, not all bikes offered the safety and ergonomics needed for long and comfortable journeys.

The first motorcycle chosen was the Honda Africa 2021, because it is already equipped with the best engine and the best equipment. Whether the dual-clutch gearbox or manual transmission is chosen, the bike is the ultimate answer as the Dakar winner’s descendant. The Africa Twin 2021 costs over $ 17,119 and is a well-sorted machine for adventure.

Suitable for long distances

Front view of the Honda Africa Twin 2022


The 2021 Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports ES DCT takes its name from the experience of winning the Paris-Dakar races four times in a row on the most grueling rally in the desert. It is modified with new features and keeps the spirit of the Dakar winning machine. The motorcycle is equipped with a 24.5 liter fuel tank with a dual clutch and manual clutch transmission that provides a displacement of 1082.96 cc.

The Africa Twin parallel twin engine is capable of driving safely over any terrain. The electronically controlled suspension has five settings for better handling. The bike has an ergonomic construction with height adjustable seats and screen, aluminum skid plate and heated grips for worry-free riding.

For Overland Expo, the Africa Twin has come in the new 2021 color scheme of Darkness Black Metallic with a collaboration of the best pieces on the market. The Expo aimed to ensure that the bike was designed for long distance travel and crash protection. The bike will be set up to ride multi-day rides and remote terrain to explore lesser-known routes. This exceptional bike was only created in collaboration with some of the most powerful gears in the world.

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Stronger collaborations, a more solid construction

Overland Expo Honda Africa Twin Custom Build

What you see here is the final centerpiece of the custom built Africa Twin. Overland Expo has collaborated with several big names to create the Ultimate Overland Motorcycle using only the best to create a bike as strong as the brand. The brands chosen have years of experience in providing the optimal materials. The bike includes the Motortrek Outback, known to produce protective gear for adventure bikes, and provided engine guards, a set of crash bars, and pad brakes to protect the rider from a fall on difficult terrain. Jesse Luggage loaned his system to maintain the security of the equipment. Denali Electronics’ light kit includes front and rear turn signals, rear brake lights, and forward-facing auxiliary lights.

The durable tank bag and soft bag from Wolfman Luggage increase luggage capacity during the journey. Heidenau strapping tires provide a long-lasting on-road and off-road experience. For navigation and communication, Overland Expo has collaborated with Garmin for the Zumo XT and the inReach Mini. Severe situations in difficult terrain can be recovered using the LT2000 Compact from Superwinch. Finally, the most important part of the driving comfort is completed by custom Kontour seats.

The 2021 Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports ES DCT Overland Build and the Toyota 4Runner TRD Off-Road are expected to be unveiled at the Overland Expo 2021 events in Arizona and Virginia from September 24-26. Overland Expo intends to auction the vehicles off the “Bring A Trailer” to raise funds for their foundation which aims to teach both novice and experienced overlanders advanced driving and protection. The 2021 Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports Overland Motorcycle Build is set to wow spectators for a good cause very soon.

Driver on Honda Africa Twin 2022

Everything you need to know about the 2022 Honda Africa Twin

The highly regarded Africa Twin has received some impressive updates.

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