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Richard Grieco is known for his badass action scenes and impressive painting skills, but he is also known for his passion for motorcycles. The former model has often been pictured riding her bikes by the media. His penchant for what he likes to call “abstract emotionality” is very much marked on the road monsters he possesses. The multi-talented artist is known to be the proud owner of a few Harley-Davidsons, two Indians and a Triumph motorcycle. Asked about his passion for bikes, the actor did not back down too much. He confessed to having fallen in love with these fantastic beasts at the age of seven! You read that right … Fox Detective Dennis Booker began his love affair with bikes, starting with an Ossa 125, at the age of 7. The actor enjoys riding his vintage bikes through Los Angeles. He is a fan of Supercross and Moto GP. Considering how many occupations Richard has changed, it wouldn’t really surprise us if the star musician of “Waiting for the Sky to Fall” decided to join professional motorcycle racing in the future.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the best diamonds in Richard Grieco’s Garage Vault.

1990 Harley Davidson Springer

Richard Grieco with his favorite bike

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The 1990 Springer is one of the most famous Harleys of the 90s. The Sport-Touring Softail bike was fitted with a V2, four-stroke engine that cranked up speed and roared like a monster. The vintage gem boasted 49.0 horsepower at 5,000 rpm. While the bike seemed a bit low, it was actually well placed, with a travel height of around 81 cubic inches. The Harley D had a bore x stroke of 88.8 x 108.0 mm. The Springer’s chassis featured a highly efficient 5-speed gearbox, as well as an air cooling system for the engine. The safety measures have been well respected by the manufacturers of this bike. Robust disc brakes were installed on the front tire (MT 90-21) as well as on the rear tire (MT 90 – 16). The bike exuded machismo, charisma and style. It weighed over 640 pounds and could carry over 4.2 gallons of fuel in its tank. This Harley had a unique style quotient and stood out from its peers. No wonder, it’s Richard’s favorite among his own collection – and that’s not a guess. The actor was asked what his dream bike would look like, and he replied “it would be like a 1990 Springer rebuilt to look like a knucklehead”.

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1996 Triumph Tiger 500

Richard Grieco with his collection of motorcycles

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The second best, a rather rare find in Richard Grieco’s vintage collection is the 1996 Triumph Tiger 500. The Tiger series was very popular in the 1990s. The sleek bike with sturdy wheels and a powerful Triumph motor was about talk about the city at each model launch. The best-selling model in the series at the time was, of course, the Tiger 900. However, the nomenclature was only based on engine power. The 900cc engine was generally preferred over the 500cc, but they were both cut identically from the same rock. Weighing over 460 pounds, the Tiger had nimble feet. The bad boy was very well designed to provide comfortable rides. With a displacement of around 33.5 inches, it was everyone’s bike. The beast created added value on returns with its impressive power generation capacity. On the outside, this versatile tourer featured the same rear wheel as the BMW R1150GS. The Tiger is known to perform a good, steep turn with relative ease. The Old Boy is a comfortable bike for everyone, with its ability to transition smoothly and easy shifting between gears.

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1941 Indian Boy Scout

1941 Indian Boy Scout

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The Scout series was the premium motorcycle series across the world during the pre-war era. Built primarily between 1920 and 1949 by the Indian Motorcycle Company, these vintage motorcycles were considered the best Indian motorcycles ever used. Although they were originally introduced earlier, these bad boys really grabbed the public’s attention during their transition and made heavier monsters in 1932. The strength and versatility of these bad boys prompted their use by the military of various countries. The company finally ceased civilian production in 1942, but not before The Boy Scout became a daily name in every household. In view of the excessive demand for these beasts, a sporty version of the bike – the vintage gem owned by Richard – was released. This version weighs about 15 pounds more than the 101 Scout. It comes with a lighter frame, beam forks, alloy heads and improved carburetion. An icon in a way, the Scout is the perfect example of rough and powerful Indian bikes of the past. It glorifies the best of Indian bikes from the pre-war era and it’s no surprise that Richard Grieco is a fan himself.

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