Digesett and National Police promise end to motorcycle racing

Santo Domingo, RD
The National Police and the General Directorate of Security and Land Transport (Digesett) announced yesterday that they are aware of and will take firm action against the motorcycle races taking place in areas near the recently opened section of the avenue Paseo del Rio, in La Sector Cienaga. This work is part of the Nuevo Domingo Savio project that the government is carrying out in the neighborhoods near the Ozama River.

The neighbors of this neighborhood bordering on Ozama are worried because motorcyclists race with their engines and their convertibles in this space avenue at high speed, taking possession of this first section, transforming it into a race track, threatening safety and the tranquility of the neighbors.

Several members of the community also expressed their concern about the danger to which children are exposed when they go out to play in the surroundings and requested the intervention of the authorities.

Police and the Digesett have both warned they will remedy the situation.

“We are coordinating with Digesett and with area police personnel to put a stop to those motorcyclists who unreasonably use this road to run their engines and run at high speeds creating noise pollution that harms the road. population, ”Pesqueira said, also referring to the risk the action poses to the safety of residents.

Roberto Valenzuela, press secretary of Digesett, on behalf of Brigadier General Ramon Antonio Guzman, director of that institution, said the necessary corrective measures will be taken. “In collaboration with the National Police, our agents on the ground will carry out an investigation and take the necessary measures,” he said.

The first section of Paseo del Rio avenue belongs to the Nuevo Domingo Savio project. It was built with an initial investment of 1.6 billion pesos.

Purpose of the work
With the avenue Paseo del Río, the state seeks to improve the quality of life of the communities bordering the rivers Ozama and Isabela and to put an end to the risks run by families during the rainy and stormy season.

56 deaths in the last four Christmas holidays
Sixty-nine percent of traffic accidents over the past four years on highways and avenues in the Dominican Republic, during Christmas Eve and the Christmas holidays, correspond to incidents where motorcycles have been the common denominator.

According to the bulletins of the various Christmas operations of the Emergency Operations Center (COE), between 2018 and 2021, 427 accidents were recorded on the roads, including 300 involving motorcycles.

Increasing numbers
Since 2018, the number of this type of death has not decreased. On the contrary, they have increased sharply, from 55 to 74 in 2019, reaching 84 in 2020 and 87 over the current period.

It is precisely as a result of this type of accident that 56 loss of life occurred, creating a unanimous call for calm and caution.

Of these 56 deaths, 34 occurred as part of the WCC’s four road safety schemes, “Safe Christmas 2018”, “A Pact for Life 2019”, “Commitment for Life 2020” and “Awareness for Life 2021”.

The other 22 deaths were recorded outside the sections guarded by the agencies involved in the operations.

Of the 34 losses, five correspond to the first phase of “Conscience for Life 2021”, which ended last Saturday 25th. Eleven relate to 2020, and nine relate to 2019 and 2018.


Other accidents
The remaining 31% of traffic accidents are distributed among light cars, with 18% (77); heavy goods vehicles, 5% (19) and 8% (36 times) involved hit and run.

These incidents on the roads and avenues of the country resulted in a toll of 949 injured, the highest number of which was recorded in 2019, with 515 victims.

On the other hand, poisonings also caused unfortunate situations that resulted in death only once, in 2018.

As COE Director General Juan Manuel Méndez reported in the last bulletin press conference at the time, the death was an adult.

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