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22 dead and 253 injured in bicycle crashes last year, Dubai police say

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Published: Mon 7 March 2022, 11:23

Last update: Mon 7 March 2022, 15:27

E-commerce and delivery businesses have flourished during the Covid-19 pandemic, with residents preferring to order meals rather than eat out. Even though Covid safety rules have been relaxed, many residents are still ordering food and groceries online.

However, the boom meant more pressure on delivery people to deliver on time, every time.

Data released by Dubai Police on Sunday shows that 22 people were killed and 253 injured in road accidents involving motorbikes last year. In the first two months of the year, the police traffic department registered 46 accidents which resulted in three deaths and 47 injuries.

Police have urged delivery service companies to educate passengers on the importance of obeying road safety rules.

Sharp increase in accidents

This is not a problem limited to Dubai.

According to Abu Dhabi Police, 162 accidents involving motorcyclists took place in 2019, which rose to 170 in 2020 and 210 in 2021, a 23% year-on-year increase. The number of deaths has also increased: from nine in 2019 to 13 in 2020.

A senior official said the root causes of around 79% of crashes were disobeying traffic laws and tailgating.

Sumaya Saeed Al Neyadi, head of road safety section at the Integrated Transport Center (ITC), told reporters: “In most cases, safety issues can be traced to drivers and their driving behavior. Delivery drivers have been spotted overtaking cars, not wearing proper protective gear, speeding, working long hours resulting in fatigue, etc.”

A video shared by the ITC captures some of these violations:

Customers Get Upset When Orders Are Delayed: Delivery People

Talk to Khaleej Times, officers had expressed concern for the welfare of the delivery workers as the number of victims of accidents involving them rose.

Lt. Col. Mohammed Alai Al Naqbi, director of the Sharjah Police Traffic and Patrol Department, said the most common traffic violation committed by motorcyclists was indiscipline in the lanes.

Delivery people are switching between lanes or using the phone while driving, with increasing pressure to deliver food or groceries on time.

Source: Integrated Transportation Center Survey and KT Research

Source: Integrated Transportation Center Survey and KT Research

Arham Khan, a cyclist working at a popular food delivery company, said Khaleej times sooner than he uses GPS to deliver the orders.

“However, sometimes the maps are not accurate. For this reason, I am forced to call customers while I ride.

Ismaeel, another runner, said he had no choice but to speed up “as customers get angry and yell at us for delivering meals late”.

This encourages riders to race through the streets to follow orders and arrive on time.

Reward safe driving

Authorities across the country have launched several programs to ease the pressure on cyclists and reward safe practices.

In Abu Dhabi, for example, police Happiness Patrols stopped delivery people to reward them for following safety rules:

A new award announced in Dubai last month aims to encourage delivery service companies and drivers to obey traffic rules and improve road safety. The first category of the awards aims to reward the two best delivery service companies; and the top two through smart platforms and apps. The second category is reserved for professional pilots and rewards the 10 best pilots each year.

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